Your Part in the Great Awakening

"The plan is not of you, nor need you be concerned with anything except the part that has been given you to learn. For He Who knows the rest will see to it without your help. But think not that He does not need your part to help Him with the rest. For in your part lies all of it, without which is no part complete, nor is the whole completed without your part." (T-20.IV.6)

"Suffice it, then, that you have work to do to play your part. The ending must remain obscure to you until your part is done. It does not matter. For your part is still what all the rest depends on. As you take the role assigned to you, salvation comes a little nearer each uncertain heart that does not beat as yet in tune with God." (W-169.11)

Some students want to know what will happen to them if they are not fully awakened, or have attained enlightenment, by the time they leave the world. Will they have failed? Will they still go to Heaven?

Heaven is an awareness of Oneness. You accepted Heaven when you chose to awaken by seeing your Oneness in another or with God. You remain in the world because you are needed to help others make this choice. How this plays out, what your “role” looks like is up to the Holy Spirit, Who knows how you are needed. When you have fulfilled your role and are done here is up to the Holy Spirit, too.

Time, which is an illusion itself, may seem to stand between your decision and your own full acceptance of it. You may not yet be fully at peace, you may still be struggling with the ego.

"Do not despair, then, because of limitations. It is your function to escape from them, but not to be without them. If you would be heard by those who suffer, you must speak their language. If you would be a savior, you must understand what needs to be escaped. Salvation is not theoretical. Behold the problem, ask for the answer, and then accept it when it comes." (M-26.4)

The process you are going through of letting go of the ego and its illusions is how you fulfill your part in the Great Awakening. Once you make the choice can you go back to being fully immersed in the dream? You could try to make that choice, and the ego will work hard to get you to make that choice, but you can’t go back. By accepting the experience of Oneness you accepted the choice. You can obscure it, but now that you know you can be relieved of pain it is harder to walk away than to continue on the path.

You do not need to attain complete enlightenment fulfill your part in the Great Awakening. You need only be walking toward it to know you have succeeded.


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