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In my blog of June 9, Learning Not to Judge the Holy Spirit’s Guidance (http://acimmentor.blogspot.com/2007/06/learning-not-to-judge-holy-spirits.html ), I mentioned that both my life-partner and roommate are disabled. Students want to know how I see them and live with them. Some want to know why I haven’t healed them.

The mind always sees itself. If I look outward and see a need for healing, what really needs to be healed? My own mind, of course. A healthy body is no more real than an unhealthy body. What would need to be healed is my perception that anything I see “out there” represents something real. What would need to be healed is my belief that appearances need to change for me to be whole and happy.

Awareness of dreaming is the real function of God's teachers. They watch the dream figures come and go, shift and change, suffer and die. Yet they are not deceived by what they see. They recognize that to behold a dream figure as sick and separate is no more real than to regard it as healthy and beautiful. Unity alone is not a thing of dreams. And it is this God's teachers acknowledge as behind the dream, beyond all seeming and yet surely theirs. (M-12.6)

I am always in God and I see the world as a thin veil across my awareness of this. If I do get caught up in what is appearing before me it is as though I am staring at an image on the veil and I make the conscious choice to look beyond it to God. I don’t judge the particular thing that has gotten my attention; I do not hold it apart as somehow different from everything else on the veil. I step back and recognize it is part of the whole veil of illusion, let it go and remember God.

If you raise what fear conceals to clear-cut unequivocal predominance, fear becomes meaningless. You have denied its power to conceal love, which was its only purpose. The veil that you have drawn across the face of love has disappeared. (T-12.I.9)

How I live with people who appear sick is no different than how I live with anything else. I rest in God. I know that nothing that appears in the world changes God, Who is quite apart from the world. My goal is not to live some sort of perfect life in the world but to let go of the world. I let go of all of my own goals for the world and for my “self” in the world. There is nothing to heal because only God is real and God is Whole and Perfect.

Reason would tell you that the world you see through eyes that are not yours must make no sense to you. To whom would seeing such as this send back its messages? Surely not you, whose sight is wholly independent of the eyes that look upon the world. (T-22.I.2)

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Tom said…
Liz, Your posts are clear and precise; an encouragement to me. Tom

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