Instant Karma

Many years ago a student of A Course in Miracles shared with me that her friend was worried about something negative she did to another because she was afraid of “karma” – meaning she feared that there was going to be a negative consequence in the world for her for the negative action she’d done. She was afraid that if her actions didn’t come back to haunt her in this life they would in another. I explained to her that karma is actually instant: What you give you receive – immediately. If you are coming from Love you experience Love right now, and if you are coming from fear you experience fear right now. There’s no great mystery here, nor is there any delay in consequences. But you can see here how the ego is always concerned with the past and the future and overlooks the present. You are experiencing something right now, and that is the consequence of the thoughts that you are having right now. You can only undo your sense of separation from God right now. The ego would prefer that you dwell on the past and future because they are not here, and that you put God off into the future because the future never arrives.

Sometimes students want to know why they were born into a particular life situation. Why were they born to abusive parents, or with the gene for alcoholism, for example? Behind their question is fear that they are “paying” for something in a “past life”. Behold the guilt behind this thinking! Can anything else be more representative of the ego’s desire to make you guilty – for all time? Every ego is just a dream figure in one mind that dreams it is separate from God, and each, in its own unique way, represents that one mind’s belief in separation from God. The content of every ego is the same, despite appearances. Ego in every form is wrapped in guilt and fear. How this shows up is totally random. There is no individual “you” behind the ego to be “paying” for anything. The life situation you are born into is not personal because there is no individual “you” that existed before; nor is it fair, because separation from God is not meant to be “fair”. Each of us must play the hand we are dealt, which can be anything, but the choice to awaken from the dream of separation from God is equally available to everyone. So rather than looking to the ego’s past and asking “why?”, make the choice right now to follow only the Holy Spirit. You will instantly feel the consequences of your choice!


Anonymous said…
Thank you, Liz, for that posting. It came at the most appropriate "earthly time" for me this holiday, dealing with the illusion of an abusive, alcoholic, drug-addicted brother. Sometimes it is hard to practice the teachings of A Course in Miracles, because my ego slides right in. ---Your posting helped me step back again and embrace the Holy Spirit. I easily do that in the calm of my home, but in the chaos of the "world," it is a challenge at times.
At any rate, thank you for your work and for spreading the word!
Anonymous said…
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