Why Do Anything?

Why Do Anything?

Last week I received an anonymous email, which begins with a quote from my article last week:

>> Some students read the term "Son of God" in A Course in Miracles to mean everyone in the world collectively, but actually "everyone" in the world is only an erroneous idea in the one mind of the Son of God (Part of God).<<

So why should we listen to you, Liz, if you are only an erroneous idea? This logic is hilarious. If what you say is true, none of your mentoring is worth anything. Isn't that clear? :-)

Let’s begin with the idea that I am an erroneous idea. In my article I didn’t say that I am an erroneous idea, only that “Liz” is an erroneous idea. I am One with God, so I exist Eternally, but not as ego. However, to ego my True Being is the same as ego’s non-existence! What I read behind this person’s statement about the logic of the message of A Course in Miracles, and the worth of my mentoring, is a lament that I hear in many forms from students frequently: If the ego and the world are not real, what’s the point of doing anything in the world?

When you learn that the ego isn’t real, and you haven’t yet come to fully accept the Reality of the Holy Spirit, the ego will whine that your life is pointless without it. You are so used to following the ego that you will feel lost and aimless when you don’t follow it. This is a transitional period you go through when you don’t want the ego, but you don’t yet wholly want the Holy Spirit, either. On and off you will be disoriented, depressed, grouchy, and whiney (this is why I call the “period of sorting out” the Long Pout!). You may not be wholly willing to follow the ego anymore, but you’re still listening to it. It’s a very uncomfortable stage to be in.

When you do decide for the Holy Spirit the cause and effect of your “doing” is turned upside down. In ego you “do” to cause an experience within you; you expect some reward as an effect of what you choose to do. But when you come from the Holy Spirit your “doing” is an expression, an effect, of your relationship with the Holy Spirit. Your life still looks like any life on the outside, but within you, you don’t “do” to get something, your doing flows out naturally from the Holy Spirit. This is what it means in the Course when it tells you the Holy Spirit will do everything for you. You make no effort when you are simply following the Holy Spirit.

Of course this is all a process, and there is a long overlap where you are conflicted because you are following both the ego and the Holy Spirit. But ultimately the Peace of the Holy Spirit motivates you to follow only the Holy Spirit. Then you have no question about the point of what you “do” because the point is never what you “do”, but that you are aware of the Holy Spirit. So, for myself the worth of mentoring, and anything else I do, is in that it flows out from the Holy Spirit in me, and so I learn that I am the Holy Spirit. And, for you, the worth of what I do is established within you according to the teacher in your mind - ego or Holy Spirit - from which you choose to learn. No matter where I am coming from you will project ego, or extend the Holy Spirit, to my words and actions, according to what you want to learn about yourself.


will said…

I was going through 'Healing Your Relationship' last night. In trying to have a special love relationship become a holy one how do you extend love? Could you give some examples of the actual process?

Airiini said…
It was a great comment from the anonymous, despite the not so particularly supporting form though. I'm just amazed how generously answers are provided! Had this question of "doing" and "error" in my mind for a while, embraced with confusion, now reading your response, Liz, understanding is clearer again. You always manage to do that! Thanks!!!
Well, form is form, it is as it is. Empty. And often, the best thing to do, if anything at all, is to quit thinking and just Be One. Yeah, needed to know that! Thanks everybody!!!!

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