Understanding One Mind

A Course in Miracles teaches us that there is only One Mind, but when it seems like your only experience is being a unique individual mind among many unique individual minds it is very hard to understand that there is only One Mind! I was given a means of explaining One Mind, but it is too long for an article, so I have put this metaphor on a page at my website, and the link to it is below. Keep in mind that the more ego-identified you are the more what is written in this story will just be theory to you. But as you peel away the many layers of your ego-identification, and individual identity begins to fall away from you, the way this story explains One Mind will make more and more sense to you. Eventually, it will be the concept of many minds that will not make sense to you!

As a bonus, in the process of going over this story I found that it provides the answers to many of the questions that students ask: If God is all there is and God is Perfect, how could the separation have happened? Are we born into the world with egos? What happens when I die? Is there reincarnation? What is my purpose? What is true forgiveness? Should we try to fix the world?



Anonymous said…
Hello Liz:) I would like to ask you something. You are saying that each figure is born into the dream to be part of the dream. Why some figures are born into really dificult situations, or really easy? Each personal mind includes all the personal minds? I cannot understand when you say 'part of the dream'. I hope for the best:)
ACIM Mentor said…
Because the macro story (dream) contains some difficult micro stories and some easy micro stories. Each is just a character in the story.

No, each personal mind does not include all personal minds. But each seemingly-individual mind is actually an aspect of the one dreaming mind. So it seems like you are an individual mind identifying with a character in the story. But you are really the one dreaming mind dreaming all of the characters. This is what ACIM means by the split just keep splitting and splitting and splitting. The one split mind seems to be split into all of these split minds which seem split within themselves between Truth and illusion.

You really won't understand this until detachment from the personal mind occurs and you can see this. Until then you seem like an individual mind that can identify with a character or be aware of Truth. That's what what you need to focus on while that seems to be the case.
Anonymous said…
Thank you Liz:) Thank you:)
hannah said…
thank you once again for sharing all this. its odd, because ive been reminding myself that only the truth is true for so long now, but in the last couple of months ive shifted to reminding myself that there is only one mind. i had an idea that i was kind of.. taking a step backward, so that i was looking at the next rung directly in front of me on a ladder, rather than trying to see the top of the ladder. i didnt realise it was actually opening to truth more.. now! but im finding that recalling one mind brings instant lessening or relief any kind of anger, or desire to meddle/fix/control almost all of the time. it doesnt stay with me, i have to be focusing on it to feel that expansive quiet feeling, where it feels like opening into a still, observant, detached reality (best words i can come up with to describe the feeling presently) but when i focus the feeling always comes.

oh, i just realised something! when i started saying 'one mind, one mind' id stopped trying to define truth, without realising it at the time. when i was saying only the truth is true it was so helpful, but i was still trying to define what truth was. ok, i couldnt have anticipated that!

i wasnt expecting this shift of focus to bring greater peace, i thought i was taking a step back by being gentle and letting the goal of being aware of truth be further away in time, but today i had an experience where my self was sad and disappointed after building expectations of certain happenings, and yet i was still at peace. and i just thank you so very much for what you do here liz.

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