Ask: Any thoughts to help us in these difficult economic times?

In this time of financial woes, hopefully many can benefit from some words for guidance on surviving the money crunch. Trying to see things from the perspective of abundance and not from lack does get difficult when in the physical world bills pile up, debts get larger and income starts to shrink. Please share some of the thoughts that can keep us in line with Truth in these difficult times… – MLN

            Do not define yourself by what does or does not appear in the universe of form. The self in the world is not you. What does or does not show up is not you. These are all just passing thoughts.
            As with anything that disturbs your peace, use it as a reminder to turn inward and feel your wholeness in Truth (God). If you are not yet able to feel your wholeness in Truth, then use disturbing appearances to remind you to turn inward and grow your awareness of Truth. Sit quietly and let disturbing thoughts rise up. Do not embrace them; do not fight them. Observe them and let them go. Become aware of the whole, quiet, limitless Truth beyond them.
            Since the world that you perceive is an idea in your mind you can trust that if you are in touch with your Wholeness It will manifest in form. If there is something that the personal self must do to make it happen, you will know how to direct it to act when the time is right. Keep your mind open to guidance.
If certain fearful thoughts of lack persist and you find that you cannot release them, then look with the Holy Spirit at the underlying belief that they represent. Perhaps you feel undeserving. Maybe you have an expectation of punishment (guilt). Maybe you just do not yet trust that your Wholeness is unfolding perfectly in form. Trust takes time to build so be patient with yourself. The more you use disturbing appearances to remind you to commune with Truth, the truer Truth will be for you, and the faster your trust in It will grow.

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