Ask: What about ghosts and near-death experiences?

You say there are no individual spirits but what about ghosts? What about people who say they’ve seen Jesus? Or people who have near-death experiences say that they see their loved ones…

            Just like material bodies, ghosts are projections of the split mind. Just like material bodies, any meaning you see in them you give to them. They are another form of not-Truth, or illusion.
            Part of the confusion is that the word “spirit” is commonly used for both non-material form (ghosts) and Formlessness (Truth/God). And they are not the same. Part of the confusion is also that the personal thought system (ego) confuses anything “supernatural” or unseen by the body’s eyes with Truth. This spiritualizes some forms so that you do not seek beyond form for Truth.
To help you sort out illusion from Truth remember that Truth is formless. So all form is not-Truth (illusion). Anything that can be perceived, measured, or has boundaries or limitations is form. Some form is material and can be seen with the body’s eyes (material form themselves). Some forms, like ghosts, are not material but are still perceived by the body’s senses. Other forms are not experienced through the body’s senses, like energies or thoughts, but can be measured or have boundaries. If something can be experienced through form it is form.
Formlessness (Truth) is known, not perceived. It cannot be measured. It has no boundaries or limitations. It cannot be contained in words or thoughts or by any other form. This is why Truth is unlike any experience that you have in form. And this is why you can experience Truth within you but you cannot convey it to others. Limited form cannot capture Limitless Formlessness. Truth cannot be “proved” in or by form.
            A near-death experience is a choice on the part of one who is ready to learn of Truth. Usually it is an unconscious choice. They are not yet ready to experience Truth directly so they need a bridge to Truth. So images of loved ones who have passed are used by the Holy Spirit (Teacher of Truth) in their mind to reach them and teach them of Truth. This is similar to the use of Jesus or other historical teachers of Truth to reach those who find the idea of “Holy Spirit” too abstract. The Teacher of Truth in your mind always meets you where you are, at your level of understanding, with what you can accept without too much fear. But all bridges to Truth are not Truth Itself. They are part of the illusion used by the Teacher of Truth to help you transcend the illusion. 

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