Ask: If there is no duality how does that allow for relationships?

The Course speaks repeatedly about relationships, especially "The Holy Relationship".  However, if those that we have had relationships in the illusion do not really exist, who do we have relationships with in Heaven?  If, in Truth, there is no duality which means "all is one" - how does that allow for a relationship?  Doesn't it take "two to tango"? Or, is it what I sometimes intuit, that when we see the Truth in another, we are really seeing a reflection of the Truth in us.  And it is only in that state that we can truly "relate" to another?  Could it be that when our Oneness is re-cognized, we do have relationships with all, knowing that the essence that flows through us is the same for all?  Or am I trying to make a pseudo-illusion with this example?... – SL

            Like all forms of forgiveness, the Holy Relationship manifests only at the level of perception, or illusion. It is a temporarily useful illusion that strengthens your awareness of Truth (God). It is a bridge to Truth. The only part of it that is eternal is the Love within it. Everything else is false and falls away.
            You are correct: Heaven is Oneness, or One Being, and there are no “relationships” in It. And, yes, there is only One Truth and when you see It reflected in others you are experiencing what A Course in Miracles means by a “Holy Relationship”. The more you are aware of the Truth in you the more you are aware of the universality of Truth. It is in every mind, whether or not others are aware of It. When you come from this awareness in your relationships with others you are choosing to make them Holy Relationships.

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