Ask: How can I use my awareness of Truth to sing freely and effortlessly?

I am studying to be an operatic singer, and I am under the impression that when I become aware of Truth, my singing will spontaneously feel free and effortless, and my stage fright will disappear.  Learning to sing involves a keen awareness of the body, and it is to this that my voice teacher directs me.  Hence I have been completely preoccupied with doing things correctly.  I can see how I have created a punishing god out of my body, and an 'absolute morality' out of singing freely.  As a result, I fear and avoid singing and performing.  What do I need to understand in order to release these fears?  Is there some guarantee that my larynx will drop and open fully and permanently when I accept a certain Truth?  I have enjoyed several thrilling glimpses of singing on an open throat, but how do I get it to be permanent? – O.T.

            What you need to understand is there is no relationship between Truth (God) and your singing or anything else in the world. Truth is unaware of anything in the world. But your awareness of Truth does have an effect on the self’s attitudes, behavior, choices, and energy. When you are aware of Truth you find yourself led to the means to heal the self’s false beliefs and the dysfunctions that are false belief’s effects. However, this healing is only a manifestation of a healed mind. They are incidental effects and never the point if you want peace.
If you want to be aware of Truth because It is the Truth you will find peace no matter what occurs in the world. But if you want to be aware of Truth to serve a goal of the self (as in, singing freely and effortlessly) you will keep yourself in guilt and fear. You will be teaching yourself that the self is real and that it is you. You will believe that certain outcomes must occur for the self for you to be at peace.
Peace can be your goal while you still have goals in the world, but you will have to shift how you see your worldly goals. You will want to see them as means to your ultimate goal of peace rather than as ends in themselves. You cannot be attached to them, define yourself by them, or think of them as your salvation (the source of your wholeness, peace, love, etc.) or they will be obstacles to peace. You will want to recognize these goals are only temporary classrooms where you learn of peace from the Holy Spirit.

So you have to decide on your ultimate goal. And you will do that based on what you think will bring you peace. Only an awareness of Truth brings lasting peace. But if you think that singing with an open throat is what will bring you peace you are going to put a lot of pressure on yourself to find a way to do so. And this pressure will make it harder for you to do so. And, of course, you will not find lasting peace whether you sing with an open throat or not.

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will said…
The Holy Spirit is aware.

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