Ask: Why are there ego-based conflicts at ACIM events?

I’ve tried to attend study groups in my area and I’ve been to ACIM-based conferences and I’m always disappointed to find the usual ego-based conflicts arising between the people there. I guess I just think that students of ACIM should know better...

            You are disappointed because you are looking for something at these events that they cannot deliver. If you are looking for God (wholeness; abiding love, peace, happiness) you will find It only within. If you are looking to understand A Course in Miracles better and to learn from others’ experiences with it you may find these at these events.
            Sometimes people confuse community with other people with communion with God. Humans are social animals and survive through cooperation. So joining with others is rewarded through the release of endorphins in your brain when you meet with others. This temporary feeling of well-being, or even of being “high”, is often confused with the joy of communion with God. But euphoria and joy are not the same experience. Euphoria is a temporary chemical experience in the brain. Joy is the experience of Being (God). When you experience true joy you know that it is eternal even if your awareness of it wavers. If you want lasting peace and joy you will find their source only in an awareness of God within you.

            You shouldn’t be surprised that when people gather together they act like people! And ACIM students are just people. Many are there, like you, looking to fill needs that the event cannot deliver. This leads to conflict as they blame others for not fulfilling their needs. But you can attend these events with the quiet awareness of the Holy Spirit within you. Then you will ignore the inevitable manifestations of ego and use the events for deepening your understanding of ACIM.

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Anonymous said…
thank you..this is clarifying and helpful and right on:)

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