Ask: Can you send an article about release from physical pain?

“…Can you send one (article) that deals with releasing physical pain, please?” –TN

            Physical pain is an inevitable part of the experience of identifying with a body.  But suffering is optional. Suffering is the psychological effect caused by the unconscious or conscious beliefs that you have about the pain. These are usually that you are being punished by a god or that you are a victim of another or of a god. These beliefs make you suffer over the pain and may even prevent you from seeking relief from the pain. If you feel guilty you may feel that you deserve to suffer. And if you want to remain in the role of victim or to make another guilty for your pain you may not be willing to be relieved of pain.
You will be completely released from physical pain when you no longer identify with a body. In the meantime, you can ask for guidance in overcoming physical pain. The answer may be a medication or a treatment in the world. These may be conventional or alternative medicines or treatments. You may find that some pain is caused solely by the desire to suffer, as mentioned above. In this case changing your thinking may be all that is needed to free you from pain. In any case, as soon as you decide you do not need to suffer you will be open to relief from pain, however this shows up.
If you are in pain, with an open mind ask the Holy Spirit (Teacher of Truth) in your mind for the way to deal with and/or to overcome the pain. Be willing to look with the Holy Spirit at your deep-seated beliefs about guilt. And do not judge the answers that are suggested or that show up for you at the level of form or you will not find the relief that you seek.
You will find that as you release yourself from identifying with the self all pain will fall into the background of your awareness. You will see that, like all form, pain is not “bad” or “wrong”; it is neutral. It has no meaning in itself. It is simply an unpleasant sensation. If you do not give it meaning it does not intrude on your peace, it passes faster, and you accept relief from pain sooner.

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