Ask: How do chakras relate to ACIM?

 “…Generally, how do Chakras relate to ACIM? They seem to be part of Not Truth, but are they still helpful in pointing us towards Truth itself and where we are trying to compromise its inclusion in our lives? How do they fit into the big picture?...” A.N-G (January 24, 2014)

            The concept of “chakras” comes from the Hindu religion. They are the label given to the idea of a nexus of non-material energy with the material body. So you are correct that they are part of not-Truth.
            It is hard to see how they could point you toward Truth. Some make the mistake of thinking that anything that is unseen – like energy – is the same as “Spirit”. But energy is form and Spirit is Formlessness. You may find some practice involving chakras helpful to your life in the world, but this would not be a spiritual practice in the truest sense. It also would not be “right” or “wrong” or “good” or “bad”. Like all form, from the perspective of Truth, it is meaningless. The question you have to ask yourself is if any practice involving chakras blocks your awareness of Truth. If it does, then it will be an obstacle to peace and you may want to consider dropping it. If it does not and you benefit from it in some way then you probably want to continue with it.

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Anonymous said…
Hi Liz: That word "meaningless" is so harsh. I get it that Form is meaningless in the Whole picture, but in the smaller picture it does have meaning. Though the smaller picture (illusion) is a misperception, a misunderstanding, it is our learning device, isn't it? when we are in this condition of form. Could you speak on that a bit please?
ACIM Mentor said…
It's the ego in your mind that judges the word "meaningless" as harsh. All it means is "without meaning in itself". It's actually liberating and empowering when you realize that the world has no meaning in itself. It has no power over you. Any meaning that you see you put there. And you can choose to let that go.
will said…
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Catrina said…
Ya know, if all these people who ask these questions would actually study the course, these questions would be answered!
jacomina said…
That just made me so grateful for Liz to read the above comment on meaningless. Just thanks so much. Peace, Jacomina

(I think the question was a good one too, as I wanted to ask it so many times myself. For example, in regards to Kenneth Wapnick. I neednt give it the meaning of sadness at all)
Anonymous said…
Well when I had a Holy Instant experience in A.A. there was a warm feeling in my chest in the shape of an "eye" which could only have been my heart chakra. It wads a very loving experience that was beyond peaceful.

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