Ask: I was wondering about other things that could be considered magic...

…I was wondering about some other things people do that could be considered 'Magic'. I would say that the use of vitamin supplements, or at least ones designed to do certain things(fat-burning, heart health)...birth control (to 'correct' the problem of fertility)...using sunlight for anything...using creams, bicycles or other equipment to lose weight or firm the body... mood music to help relax... Just trying to have a better idea of this that's all. I know not to judge myself or others for using these things… I guess, the thing would be to forgive our use of them… If we wind up dropping using some of these things, fine...if not, fine too…” - CS

            Very simply, “magical thinking”, as A Course in Miracles uses the term, means the belief that healing the body heals you. You are mind so real healing means healing your mind. And since your one problem is your identification with a body, healing your mind means releasing your identification with a body. So while certain medications, supplements, treatments, etc. may seem to work on the body they cannot heal you.
            “Magical thinking” is similar to the “special relationship” in that both come from and reinforce the idea that the body is you and that “salvation” (wholeness; lasting happiness and peace) comes from something outside of you. Where magical thinking is the belief that outside sources of healing for the body will make you whole, the special relationship is the belief that finding another body to love the body as you decide it should be loved will make you whole.
            You are correct that there is no reason to judge efforts to heal the body. They are not right or wrong. They are meaningless, just as the body, whatever its condition, is meaningless.

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Frank C said…
As usual, a great answer, Liz, but I feel a need to add a little to this reply. Although all these are forms of "magic", the Course is very clear that it is perfectly OK to use whatever you need to "heal the body" when you are confronted with a situation that is not "curable" by asking for a "healing of the mind".

In other words, we all need to understand the limitations of our own belief system, and deal with our physical health issues at the level that is most practical for us at that time. Ultimately, all healing is done at the level of Mind, but until that concept becomes a reality within ourselves, we need to honor the fact that we may still need "magic" to overcome whatever health challenge we may be facing.

It's all good ;-)

Frank C
will said…
I agree Frank. It takes a long time to really internalize "all healing is done at the level of the Mind." At least for me it was.
Anonymous said…
I perfectly agree that it is OK to use any means to "heal the body" when necessary. But if I am the "healer of the body" myself, how shall I combine my work with studying ACIM? I am a homeopath and I always thought that I was treating people on the physical, emotional and mental levels (and sometimes very successfully). Should I go on healing illusory bodies, knowing that my work does not help to heal the mind and is completely meaningless?
ACIM Mentor said…
Michael, you may want to read my blog from 2007:
Anonymous said…
If I administer a medicine or a treatment (even if I know that it does not heal), I see my patient as a body/ego, and consequently I see myself as a body/ego which is a clear obstacle to my awareness of Truth. And if I know that the medicine does not heal, why should I administer it at all? I cannot charge for loving and forgiving a patient, and when I charge for administering a medicine that does not heal the mind, I feel that I cheat myself and the patient. It is my personal opinion, maybe I should talk about it with the Holy Spirit.
ACIM Mentor said…
Yes, Michael, this sounds like something that you need to resolve with the HS. When it comes to this topic the HS led me to a place that is very different from what ACIM teaches. (This is a topic of an upcoming article). So approach it with an open mind. And be willing to not judge the response or where you are led.
ACIM Mentor said…
Also, I culled extensively from ACIM quotes about the body and healing and you can read this at my website, under the link "ACIM and Body Disorders".

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