Ask: Since Reality is eternal doesn't it follow that Its opposite is eternal, too?

 “It occurred to me today, that the dream(s)/’life’ we imagine ourselves to be in, must also be eternal.  As true reality is eternal, then does it not follow that the illusory opposite of oneness, although not real, must also be eternal?  If so, is the only escape from the bombardment of conflict, etc. is to continually be aware of the Truth throughout all the dreams of separation for all eternity?...” – JR

            Truth is Eternal, which means It is timeless, not time without end. So time is the idea of the opposite of Truth (Eternity). Since Truth is One, or the same throughout Itself, time can only ever be an idea. It is an illusion. It has no reality.
There is a trap of believing in two realities that students of A Course in Miracles fall into. One reality they call “God” or “Truth”. This is formless Being. The other “reality”, the experience of form, they label “illusion” without thinking what “illusion” really means. An illusion is something that appears to exist but does not really exist. And that means that it does not exist right now. It does not mean it will cease to exist at some future time.

So when you seem to be in time you are really only thinking in terms of time (past/future) right now. And, yes, this creates your sense of conflict because it is not true. And, if you want peace, the appropriate response to your conflict is to bring the eternal (timeless) Truth to your awareness right now. This is what ACIM calls the “holy instant”, the most essential practice there is if you want peace.

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Unknown said…
Great post. Thanks JR for the question and the response is very helpful.
will said…
I have found Eckhart Tolle is a good resource in understanding time and the eternal, both his books or watching some of his video's on You Tube. He calls it The Power of Now and the Course calls it The Holy Instant but they are pretty much the same thing. I don't go off on a tangent with it but his work is helpful as a resource in doing the Course.

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