Ask: Do you believe in a correlation between head-neck alignment and inner peace?

“My question relates to a recent answer you gave about the feeling of deep peace that you experience.  I know from having done some bodywork, including Alexander Technique, that there is a correlation between a certain head-neck alignment and a feeling of deep peace.  I see this emphasized strongly in the Zen tradition of meditation as well, where posture is seen to be the means and the end of attainment as well.  Judging from your online photos, I can see you also have a very good alignment of the head and neck. Did you work on this consciously, and in any case, do you believe in the importance of this correlation?” – OT

            I have never heard of this, so, no, I did not work consciously on my head-neck alignment as a means to attain inner peace. I have worked solely on my mind being open to Truth and to working out my obstacles (guilt, fear) to being aware of Truth.
And, no, I do not believe the correlation is important. I think it possible that one’s posture may change as they grow more peaceful. But I do not think that changing their posture will bring them true inner peace. It might, however, bring a bit of temporary relaxation that they might mistake for true peace.
There is a lot of confusion of cause and effect when it comes attaining inner peace. Students look at what teachers do or how they sit when they meditate or at what they eat, etc. and think, “Ah, I’ll do that and I’ll be at peace!” They’re hoping to find a shortcut that will not be as uncomfortable as looking at the obstacles to peace in their mind. But the only source of inner peace is an awareness of Truth. And all that requires is a willingness to be aware of Truth. This willingness is an openness of mind. You can have it no matter what you do, how you sit, what you eat, etc.

Behavior (anything the body does, including thinking) always follows from conscious or unconscious thoughts (beliefs). Behavior does not cause thought.

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Christine said…
I can hear Ken Wapnick now! He'd comment (lovingly and jokingly) that "Poor Jesus - his body was anything but in alignment as he hung from the cross!" Jesus showed us the Christ Mind - the Spirit - it doesn't matter what the body does or doesn't do, looks like, or doesn't look like. Easier said - than realized - I know!! It's cultivating the 'little willingness' to open up our split mind to oneness and bodylessness of the Christ Mind.
Anonymous said…
Another counter-example would be Eckhart Tolle. His back is somewhat hunched.

The ego does seem to manifest *physically* as unwanted tension in the body though as Liz pointed out merely addressing the body will not undo the ego.

The business with tension in the neck (pulling the head downwards and backwards) seems to be an adaptation to protect the head in combat although chronically it leads to problems.

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