Ask: Is there an affirmation to break through dark fears?

Could you help with some guidance in the work of quieting fear from thought when facing seemingly unchangeable physical problems, i.e.,  the slow loss of one's  vision or serious health diagnosis in one's child or a close loved one.  What can one do consistently in a practical way to combat the frightening feelings that come so often in the nighttime?  I am wondering if there are honest affirmations or words that might help break the dark fears of the future - and give one a sense of hope and control of the right kind?”  – LK

            The personal experience is one of limitation, lack, and inevitable losses. Peace comes only from the awareness of the whole, unchanging, eternal Truth (“God” in A Course in Miracles) within you. Truth is untouched by anything that does or does not happen in the world. It is wholly apart from the personal experience. So as often as possible remember your experiences of Truth. Use the limitation, lack, and loss of the personal experience to remind yourself to turn inward and remember the Truth. In fact, this is how you can use these experiences to grow your awareness of Truth and peace.

            As you remember your experiences of Truth you can say things like: “Only this experience of Truth is real. Everything else falls away.”; “Only God is real.”; “Only the Truth within me is true.” – or some phrasing that helps you to remember the Unchanging and Eternal.

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will said…
When I tried to practice extension the problem was I was focusing on form. For instance I would see someone who I was angry at and try to change my feelings towards that person (or situation). The person, the form was the focus. Just reading (on p.30, 4 Habits) "You might wonder how you can extend love to an appearance of ugliness, violence or seeming threat. But remember that anything that happens in the universe of form is neutral. You respond only to the personal thought systems PROJECTIONS OF MEANING onto form. In other words, from the personal thought system you respond only to its THOUGHTS (caps. mine)." I've read this piece about not focusing on form probably 50 times and just now was able to see what I was doing wrong. Your only concerned is with what is going on in your head not what your looking at (in practicing extension).

It is so easy when doing spiritual programs especially the Course to not get the directions right when you go from the printed page to practicing. My ego is just deadly in it's ability to keep me confused.
will said…
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will said…
It's like you go through your whole life with your brain running full out at 100mph down the freeway and your thinking how smart and well tuned it is and you drive right by the off ramp every time. One of the very important parts of the text is in its difficulty, it literally forces you to slow the mind down in order to understand.
Christine said…
I am grateful for your insightful comments, Will. What you've learned and what you share is so helpful - thank you.
will said…
Thank You Christine
will said…
Correction: Not "my ego" but "the ego."
Anonymous said…
Don't worry, you'll get there.

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