Reassurance and Recourse After the U.S. Election

Usually I limit what I put out through my newsletter and blog to those things related to the concepts and practice of finding inner peace through an awareness of Truth. But in my work one-on-one with clients I often find myself reassuring and giving practical advice about very worldly things. Lately I have had to reassure and suggest courses of action to help my U.S. clients deal with their anxiety after our recent national elections. I find I’m repeating myself several times a day so I decided I would just put these ideas out there in one fell swoop. 

(If you voted for Donald Trump or are not a U.S. citizen you can disregard this email or just read the spiritual practice advice in the last two paragraphs).

The reassurances:

If you voted for Hillary Clinton remember you are not alone. In fact, you are with the majority of voters. She won the popular vote by what may turn out to be a significant number of votes. (More on recourse for this below). On the surface this may not seem comforting because it does not change the outcome. But it may help for you to realize that there has not been a sea-change in American values. She won the voters; Trump won the game called the Electoral College.

Much of what the President-elect has suggested is impractical and unrealistic and is opposed by his own party. Moreover, the U.S. Senate requires a super-majority of 60 votes to get many things done. The President-elect’s party holds only 51 seats in the Senate.

Every two years in the U.S. one-third of the U.S. Senate and all of the U.S. House of Representatives is up for re-election. (More on this below).

The paradigm shift that threatens here is the normalizing of the President-elects attitudes and behavior. However, you can choose to not adapt to or to accept these. If enough people refuse to find these acceptable the paradigm shift will not occur. If you are concerned about your children you can use the next four years to teach them your values when issues come up.

The recourse:

The world may be a pseudo-reality rather than Reality but it is what you are experiencing. As A Course in Miracles points out, if you deny this you depreciate the power of your own mind. Until you reach a point where Reality is more real to you than the world you can take action to empower yourself and mitigate your anxiety. Here are some ideas:

The election outcome is not certified until the Electoral College meets on December 19. You can add your name to the petition at that asks the Electors to abide by the popular vote. (Scroll down on the home page to find the petition).

If you live in a state that voted for Donald Trump you can find out who your Electors are so you can put pressure on them to abide by the popular vote. It is not likely that the Electors will change their vote since they are chosen by the winning party and are very partisan. But at least you will feel that you tried.

You can get involved to change the Senate and House in 2018 to make the President a lame duck. And after that you can get involved to elect a new president.

You can go to to write to your state legislatures to change the Electoral College so that in the future it validates the popular vote rather than chooses the President itself.

You can forward this email or the links mentioned in it to others who feel as you do.

As I reminded you in last Friday’s article, use the world to grow your awareness of Truth. What is loving reminds you of Truth. What upsets you, no matter the source, by contrast reminds you to turn to Truth. Only the Truth is true. When you touch that awareness you can detach from the world and just watch it unfold without judgment. If you find that you have a hard time connecting to Truth then you have an opportunity to take your blocks to the Teacher of Truth (Holy Spirit) in your mind so you can undo them. If you need help with this then call (702-878-3274) or email me ( for an appointment.

You will for a long time vacillate between detachment and attachment. But this is a cumulative process and the more that you invite Truth into your awareness the more you will detach. Look at it this way: You’ve got four years of intense practice ahead of you!


Anonymous said…
Thank you, Liz
bat said…
I know this is not popular, but I think the election played out perfectly.

From my perspective, Wikileaks flushed up a gigantic amount of corruption in the DNC similar to the way the Holy Spirit will flush up one's private thoughts to be healed. The entire Hillary campaign was an example of "ends justifies the means", and hence, she lost, in a sort of dramatic irony. Not everyone that voted Trump is some bigoted asswipe, and until people understand this, they will always demonize the "other side" and we are back right where we started. Divided and afraid.

So now we have Trump as president. That is reality. It's a perfect opportunity to practice forgiveness and stay in the moment. People are expecting their loved ones to be driven away in cattle cars and their rights to be trampled on--that is nothing but ego messing with people's minds. It's important to stay present and open to guidance, and if the spirit requires us to be active, to move with it. If things didn't go your way, allow those feelings of pain to come up and practice forgiving them with the holy spirit. Don't attack others or act on it, or you will be reinforcing those painful feelings and you won't get the miracle.

The good news is now that the corruption has been rooted out, actual progressives can take control of the DNC like Sanders and Warren. They are merely symbols of people's desire for real justice and equality. If Hillary would've won, this opportunity would never have presented itself, and we would've been stuck in the same little bubble of comfort that the ego knows so well, and never have questioned ourselves or how we view "those evil Republicans".

I hope i don't come off as condescending. I am trying to offer how this election plays out for me, and what i am learning from it with the Holy Spirit. Never in my life, have i ever thought I could sympathize or understand republicans, but the holy spirit has taught me to offer non judgement to them too. They're "the bad guys",not me, after all, which turned out to be a clear case of my own projections.

Again, of those 60 million people that voted for Trump, not all of them are evil bigots coming to kill your loved ones and send you back to whatever country you came from (trump's wife is an immigrant, come on, now).

It's not all death and gloom for everyone, and if everything works for the purpose of shared interests (with no exceptions, as the course says), then there's a miracle waiting for us here, whatever that may be.

nicci said…
well thank you liz. you have given me just the links i need, in addition to help with my anxiety. i remain ever grateful you were placed on my path. n
Unknown said…
Thanks,Bat,as a non-American ( UK, Wales )you have given some welcomed balance to Liz's blog. I was getting a little worried, and I'm glad "our man" Nigel Farage is there to give the President-elect advice and guidance on how some British think and feel. What happens in America in of great concern here in the Uk as it is in the rest of the world.
Letti said…
I agree bat, and by the way if everything is projection here, Trump can be a gift to know ourselves better. He just shows what we judge in ourselves. Amen
Anonymous said…
Gee Liz,

No matter what you try to do help ease our anxiety with your last 2 articles, I see anger and more anger stirred up in your readership. First you gave the ultimate advice to use the 4 Habits. Dozens of comments later including one that implied that Trump won because Clinton's supporters were too wimpy (!) and still no peace. Then you offer practical ways to look at the situation and things to do about it (which for me reinforces the lesson that trying to act more enlightened than we are only reinforces guilt and so you met us where we actually are) and we get an angry rant from Bat (which is not to say there weren't any valid points made, but I'll take Democratic "corruption" anytime over the Republicans). I can only imagine the contentious comments that will follow.

You did your best. Keep up the good work.
Anonymous said…
Interesting to see how the world finds our buttons to push to challenge us on our path to peace, some things never change. We need to recognize this election for what it is, another challenge to our internal peace, we need to deal with it the same way we deal with all the others, let it go. Everything is going to work out fine, because right now everything is fine, we are all One, we are all eternal beings, we are merely caught in a dream, let it go....

There is not more peace in one political party versus the other, judgment definitely doesn't lead to peace. When we're judging we are headed down the wrong road.

Let's all take a deep breath and open our copy of 4 Habits for Inner Peace and get back to what our practice is, cultivating inner peace. What a great opportunity for practice!
I used the election with Holy Spirit to embrace my inner-Donald and inner-Hillary and am grateful for the opportunity to "remove some more "blocks to love's presence." I thoroughly enjoyed reading the above comments and the opportunity to remove some more. Loving Life, finally.
will said…
We live in a Republic. The founding fathers put the electorial college in the constitution for a reason. One of them is it keeps the popular vote and the president separate. If your candidate lost this year and it feels unfair think of it this way. What if ¾ of the population voted republican every election. The people in the democratic party would never have a chance to be represented in the white house. If our president was elected by popular vote here in 2016 the president would always be elected by the outcome of just six states or you can look at it as the east and west coast would always elect the president. If you’re on the winning side, who cares, but if you are constantly on the losing side the repercussions are harsh. Sometimes you win and who cares and sometimes you lose and you want to trash the whole system. Everyone gets caught up in those feelings. There are a lot of people in this country, 50% give or take, live in states that have priorities different from those on the coast. Everyone has to have a chance to be represented. Liz suggests you try to change the popular vote. It's a losing strategy for your mental health. Think about it
will said…
The immigration issue has been sold to the liberals in the country on a false premise. The reaction towards conservatives as racists is equally false. It’s politics in the 21 century. The long term strategy about open borders is to sell the idea that we (liberals as opposed to conservatives) love other races and nationalities while they (conservatives) hate anyone who isn’t white. Hate is a very effective political tool, it numbs the mind. The long and short term goals for open borders is votes. To flood the market. It is a power strategy for those in power. The wall for conservatives has multiple purposes. We have an immigration policy in place that is being circumvented for political reasons. The Mexican cartels are real. They are already here and the havoc they are causing in this country is very real. You can look at the European nations that are being flooded with Muslims and see the result of open borders.

This blog has been a great help over the years. But the last two weeks have been a disappointment IMHO. For eleven years I have heard about the dream, have seen others and myself taken to task for not seeing the higher, holier goal that we live in an illusion. Now we see that it was all a bill of goods. This blog in particular with its intensely ego ideas of how to get what you want when you want it is pretty intense. Our Mentor has lost her way. She doesn’t know it yet. Caught up in the world of politics talking about ways to subvert the system. It’s all just liberal ideology. I have been very open with my praise for this blog and its Mentor but now like today’s liberals with thoughts of racial equality for those crossing the border illegally, know I have been sold a bill of goods.
ACIM Mentor said…
Will, if you flip the election everything I said still stands. The point was: If you feel powerless and anxious then take action. Here are some suggestions...

The Holy Spirit meets one where one is. It's what I find myself saying to clients all the time. "Here's another way to look at it; here are some suggestions of actions you can take to relieve your anxiety." It would be no different if Trump won and I was hearing from upset Trump supporters.
Anonymous said…
Will, somehow I knew you'd weigh in with your huffing and puffing. Many people freaked out at Clinton's so-called open borders policy but unregulated immigration was not what she meant. Regardless, emotionally charged arguments such as yours that show up as righteous indignation are signs of fear and guilt. Your comment, "This blog in particular with its intensely ego ideas of how to get what you want when you want it is pretty intense," is ridiculous. You are the intense one here. Liz doesn't need me or anyone else to defend her, but I will say that her voice is one of the most selfless, quietly steadfast calls for peace out there. You are free to believe what you want and if this blog doesn't suit you by all means move on.
Deb Baczewski said…
I spent a good part of the day in meditation and what peace. I am in such gratitude of the Love that just wants to Love. It can be very simple if you allow and accept a better way. Peace brothers and sisters. Come visit the borderless realm.
Deb Baczewski said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
will said…
Anonymous I wasn't thinking of Ms Clinton. Actually until you just wrote it I didn't know she had the intent of open borders. Fear and Guilt? Why not, I'm in the same situation as the rest of us. Deb mentioned peace and love, Peace brothers and sisters (which is fine). As I see the 'dream' the hell we live in, there will never be peace, there will never be an end to racism and hatred. That's what the dream is. That is what we are as people. That is why there is a course. For individuals to get out.
will said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
will said…
There is something funny going on with the millennial generation (ages 21-36). They are supposed to be the next great hope for America. It’s their turn. But instead of looking for a candidate that reflects their youth and ideas they choose Ms. Clinton, almost 70, who is a baby boomer (1946-1964) like myself. The Clintons were rejected by their own generation and for some reason the youth of America have picked them up. Bernie Sanders is 75 years old for gods sake. His is pre-Baby Boomer generation, from what is called the Silent Generation (1925-1945). I have no idea what is going on but this fight to the death, even after the election for a 70 year old candidate is something new. Nancy Pelosi is older than Sanders at 76 years old. Traditionally the Democratic Party is the party of youth. The young taking their role in America. Very strange. Republicans, that’s more their thing, I can see that.
will said…
I Love This: Google had 60 million hits on the idea "How do I tell my child Donald Trump won the election." Neurotic parents teaching their kids they live in NAZI Germany. Liberalism is mental illness:)
Anonymous said…
Hey Will,
PEOPLE WHO LIVE IN GLASS HOUSES SHOULDN'T THROW STONES. Any progress getting that therapy dog for yourself?

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