The Fact of Spirit

It is not appropriate to exalt or to worship Spirit or anyone who has attained the awareness of Spirit. Of course, when you identify with the self and ego (personal thought system), Spirit seems “other”. It can seem remote, mysterious, and/or magical. It is none of these things. It is What is Real in you, It is always right here and available, and It is miraculous, meaning It is simply True. It is the ego that tells you to exalt and worship Spirit to make Spirit seem foreign, exotic, and unobtainable. And to diminish you.

A couple of months ago I experienced myself as Spirit for the first time. I was actually crouched down cleaning the shower door in my former house when it occurred. I don’t remember what I was thinking before the experience. But suddenly I knew I have no beginning and no end. I am Invulnerable; I am Immortal. I am Spirit.

Even when I act as a person, I am Spirit.

I have had many higher miracles that have shown me the Truth is true or that illusion is illusion or both. Those are usually pretty dramatic because of their contrast to my usual experience. But when I experienced the awareness that I am Spirit it was simple and subtle and not at all dramatic. Yet the experience left me gobsmacked. I actually froze in place, my mouth gaping open, sponge in hand, for probably a good minute. More than once.

But then I experienced it again a few weeks ago and I was not gobsmacked. It was simply a lovely fact that has remained in my awareness ever since.

Four years ago when the ego fell away I began to rise in consciousness. It was as though the ego had been an anchor holding me down. I didn’t realize it at the time, but the feeling I had in the following three years that I was a “ghost in the world” was the outer edges of the realization that I am Spirit. But for those years I was more focused on the emptiness left in the ego’s absence than on the Life growing in my awareness.

So I can tell you from experience that Spirit, and anyone who is aware of Spirit as their Being, is not to be exalted or worshipped. We simply demonstrate that anyone can rise to this awareness.


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Deb said…
Yeah, another new word "gobsmacked".

Hiya Liz, how is this experience of Spirit different from communing with God, empty mind, peace?

will said…
Liz, I'm thinking this may be another beginning, just the start of another phase. Such as spirit first, Knowledge next.
will said…
I was raised a Roman Catholic. As a kid I enjoyed it very much. Memorizing prayers, the ceremonies of First Communion and Confirmation. When I reached high school, my priorities had changed drastically, and I lost interest. The agreement my mother (catholic+) and my father (non-religious) was that mom would raise us Catholic until we were out of high school and at the point we were on our own.

My whole life I shied away from talking about God or Jesus. I was afraid of being misunderstood or embarrassed, I don’t know what all. With the Course I have used Holy Spirit exclusively until recently where it became time to reference Jesus. My take is he wrote the Course or was the one dictating it and I need to look at it from that perspective to get a better understanding of what it is saying. It’s for me, not trying to sell it to you.

I think of Jesus as he describes himself, an older brother who deserves our respect. I talk to the Holy Spirit or Jesus just depending on who or what I am saying or doing. In the hierarchy of things, they are the same. I think what brought this on was, it was becoming an effort not to speak of Jesus in referencing the content of the course. We are all adults here and I’m hopeful no one gets off track with me doing this. If you do you will work your way through it:)

AA is Very Spiritual but does not reference any diety but God. Bill Wilson felt it was going to be hard going just talking about God. Alcoholics run like hell if you'front on' try to get them sober through a religious atmosphere. So, it is a very gentle approach but very clear.

In writing this I realize I may need to give this some more thought. I would not like to see the Course ‘Jesusfied’ (how’s that for a new word) in a religious sense.
Christine said…
Will, you may be ready to read, Dialogue on Awakening,Communion With a Loving Brother...circa 1993? By Tom Carpenter...i bought a used copy on line...i re read it from time to time, got a lot out of it.
will said…
In my own mind and understanding of A Course In Miracles, it is clearly not about Jesus and goes to some length explaining that. Nonetheless the word Jesus for humans is a hot button issue. There are as many believing in one direction as another. If we were to start teaching the Course as a Jesus movement if would be impossible to understand what it is saying. It would quickly become about the EGO.
Worshipping Jesus has its place in many religions where it is entirely appropriate. But in our case the spirit itself is saying don’t go that route.
And by the by, sometimes I think the word ego gives it too much positive press. You know what I mean? Ego this ego that... It has been given this very special name which you know puts it in hog heaven! Liz used ‘beast’ which is entirely appropriate and I often want to just drop ego and go with ‘beast’:)

Christine I will look into it, thank you.
will said…

The book Christine referenced above by, Tom Carpenter is on Kindle for FREE!! if people are interested.
ACIM Mentor said…
Deb, I have anticipated some questions about the experience of "I am Spirit" and next week's article will address some of those. But yours wasn't in there!

There is no sense of communing *with*. There is only Spirit, not two entities. I am the empty Mind; I am the Peace.
Deb said…
Yes, of course, thank you. I look forward to hearing more.
nicci said…
thank you for your comments on Jesus. i have been reluctant to use His name much in conversing with other ACIM students, because it has an emotionally charged connotation for many. i appreciate your willingness to reference Him; it is a relief and actually de-lionizes Him, bringing me closer to the awareness of His Loving Brother Presence in my mind. thank you.

(read and enjoyed "Dialogue On Awakening" very much, and have loaned out my beat up hard copy to other students. good to know it is available on the electronic waves.)

e L, n
will said…
I wanted to put the pieces together in my own mind of what Liz is saying about spirit and what the Course is saying. I went to Chapter 5 the second section II. The Voice for God.

Jesus is explaining in detail the entire structure of the Trinity, our relationship to it via the Course and how the Atonement works within this framework (T-5.II.1-12).
My understanding is just as Liz is saying. Neither the Holy Spirit nor Jesus wants us “to exalt or to worship Spirit” (blog). Jesus would have us see him this way:

“My mind will always be like yours, because we were created as equals. It was only my decision that gave me all power in Heaven and earth. My only gift to you is to help you make the same decision.” T-5.II.9.

For many this may not be an easy task. He would have us reframe him not as a religious deity but as our brother and teacher. “I have assured you that the Mind that decided for me is also in you and you can let it change you just as it changed me.” T-5.II.10

For me (at this time), I look at Jesus and the Holy Spirit as a team leading us back to our real identity with God. Not a team to be worshipped but certainly one that is due our Love.

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