The Undoing Unfolds Through You

I’ve spent my entire adult life looking into this mind, so it was rather startling when things happened in it that I did not expect. How could I have missed that the self’s life was going to radically change?

Looking back now I see shifts that occurred in this mind regarding the self (body/personality) that seem to have been preparation for this major shift. And I also see I missed them because I was not living through the self. I felt and watched the shifts, but I also let them go because I wasn’t living there anymore.

I’ve written that in the four years between the ego (personal thought system) falling away and my acknowledging it, I experienced the Awareness of Truth (Holy Spirit) and therefore peace, but also a barren place in my mind. There was also a thread of pain that accompanied the barren feeling which grew as time went on. I now understand that the barren experience was the missing ego. It was what told me to identify with the self. Without it, I was simply experiencing the self’s shifts as distant and interesting, but nothing I spent much time thinking about. My attention was on Truth. And the pain I felt was a sense of loss. The barrenness and pain were things I expected to understand more in time. And, of course, I now do!

Without realizing it, more and more I was letting the self just be in the flow of the universe as I rested in Truth. Of course, even if I’d paid more attention I would not have understood what was coming. And I did, eventually, sense something big was coming. I just didn’t know it would be HUGE.

The lesson here is that whatever you are conscious of, your part in the Undoing is always unfolding through you.

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nicci said… part in the undoing is always unfolding through me. thank you liz.

(and thanks to will, for the reminder of Jerome.... spent many happy days there 40 years ago, with my husband, when we were in the throes of first Love. our hearts are ever connected to the Verde Valley.)

endless Love, n
will said…
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Christine said…
I have toured Jerome! 1982, it was a side trip of a tour of Sedona, AZ...I had no outlines or preconceived notions of the small hilltop town...all these years later, I found out it was called Jerome, not Jericho! Ha!
will said…
Last week Liz posted a quote from the Manual for Teachers (3. What Are The Levels Of Teaching?). It was about the simplest level of teaching where there are chance encounters. To quote from this section, “Therefore, the plan includes very specific contacts to be made for each teacher of God. There are no accidents in Salvation. Those who are to meet will meet…” So, levels in this case simply refers to three different types of relationships. Superficial, a sustained relationship and lifelong relationship. One isn’t any better or higher than another. Each is “maximal in the sense that each person involved will learn the most that he can from the other person at that time.”

The night Liz posted this I had a superficial encounter in Wal-Mart. I had been up in Jerome taking pictures and stopped at Wal-Mart on the way home. As I posted earlier I am the Holy Spirits go to guy for people wearing pajamas in Wal-Mart, grin. I know them very well. I was looking for some Crystal Lite to make lemonade in an aisle that had the hard liquor right behind me. A guy in pajamas who was walking down the aisle said, just as he was passing, almost like it was being said in my ear, “The good stuff is behind you.” I casually glanced at him not taking much in other than he was balding and in pajamas. I said, “You got that right. I could go for a drink and a cigarette, Right Now.” A pretty standard reply for me in these situations. We passed a few words that led to my sobriety and his saying, “I am four months sober. I can’t drink with the meds I’m on.” I asked him what meds and they were for Bipolar which explained this mild mania he was showing. We walked up to the cashier together and I wished him well.

Liz’s quote was far from my mind as this was taking place, but later on, on the way home it came to mind. I began to wonder if a teacher (us) must be in a spiritual state of mind for healing/learning to take place in these casual encounters. What is the bottom line? Can I be in a very bad frame of mind and it will take place or do I need to be in a “spiritual” state of mind?
will said…
My frame of reference for these encounters (right or wrong) has been that the Holy Spirit moves “through” us. But he is blocked if the mind is not in a state where it can be used as a channel.
will said…
I have been led to study the Manual for Teachers. My Wal-Mart story made it clear I did not know what ACIM means by teaching and teacher. Like ‘Forgiveness’ the course has turned the meaning of teacher and teaching upside down. In studying the Introduction to the Manual. It says:

“Teacher and learner are the same.
Teaching goes on every moment of the day and continues into sleeping thoughts as well.
To Teach is to demonstrate.
You cannot give to someone else but only to yourself and this you do by teaching.

This really throws our understanding of teaching in the world out the window. It throws the ego out with it. When the Course says we will become teachers it isn’t talking about teachers (like in a school) where we give our vaulted knowledge to others. Teachers are teaching themselves not others. In formal teaching as we know it,

“the verbal content of your teaching is quite irrelevant. It is the teaching underlying what you say that teaches YOU. Teaching reinforces what you believe about yourself. Its fundamental purpose is to diminish self-doubt.”

Writing this stuff down is to teach me.
will said…
We can again look to Liz as an example. With the personality "Liz" no longer here: "To teach is to demonstrate. From your demonstration others learn and so do you (manual intro)." What is happening with Liz is a demonstration.
will said…
In the Manual For Teachers, 13. What Is The Real Meaning Of Sacrifice? Jesus talks to us individually not as a group. He is making a plea to not falter. You can hear the earnestness in His voice.

“You have been called by God, and you have answered. Would you now sacrifice that Call? Few have heard it as yet, and they can but turn to you. There is no other hope in all the world that they can trust. There is no other voice in all the world that echoes God’s. If you would sacrifice the truth, they stay in hell. And if they stay, you will remain with them.”

This is not coming from a weak source. The plea is there, but so is the unmistakable seriousness and strength.

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