Detachment Evolves Into the New Normal of Oneness

“The body is a limit imposed on the universal communication that is an eternal property of mind. But the communication is internal. Mind reaches to itself. It is not made up of different parts, which reach each other.” (T-18.6.8)

“The body is a limit imposed on the Oneness that is an Eternal Property of Mind. Oneness is internal and It reaches to Itself. It is not made up of different parts which reach to each other.” (MACIM-18.6.8)*

            I have learned that detachment evolves into the extension of Oneness (Wholeness).
            First, let me explain how I was before detachment. I was pretty much attached to everyone. Another way to say this is I projected my source of wholeness onto everyone, expecting that they had what I needed to be whole. Oh, I didn’t go around saying this, not even to myself. It was just how I related to the world in my identification with a self (body/personality) through the ego (personal thought system). I reached to others for whatever I thought they could give me. I sought connection with them, expecting to feel whole. Getting what I felt was needed was hit and miss. Even when someone reached back to me they didn’t do it consistently enough for me to get my wholeness from them.
            The real shift came when I stopped trying to “see Christ/Holy Spirit in others”, because that just was not working. I was looking to people for what simply was not there. But two things in my practice did work for me and I decided to focus only on them: Communing with Truth (God) daily and turning to the Holy Spirit as my Guide, Teacher, etc. Practicing just these two things I discovered I always had the Connection I longed for with me and I began to detach from others. I stopped projecting my source of wholeness onto them. I stopped seeking for them to fulfill me.
            Detachment was both lovely and uncomfortable. It was lovely to be in touch with Wholeness within. But I found emptiness in the detachment, too. Something I was used to was missing. It wasn’t the action of reaching I missed; it was the reacher. I realized I wasn’t really detached from others, but from the ego in me that told me to seek for connection with others to be whole. After recognizing this, the discomfort began to fade away.
            Because I come from Wholeness rather than lack, I will simply never relate to others as I once did. I feel Peace here, now whatever appears to be going on with them. Sometimes I am still aware of an absence, but this is fading, too. I am getting used to Oneness—Wholeness—as my “new normal”.

*(MACIM is The Message of A Course in Miracles: A Translation of the Text in Plain Language available at

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