Oneness As a Creator

I have been experiencing Oneness in a way I did not expect, so for a long while I didn’t label it “Oneness”.
I have had experiences of someone, something, and even everything else as me. In the moment of the realization of Oneness, the mind, not the body’s eyes, is the source of my awareness. So appearances do not determine my awareness, but are wrapped up in it. For example, if I’m looking at a tree and I know we are one, its appearance is also mine and vice versa.
            This experience of Oneness is how I understood the experience of “creation” or “extension” in A Course in Miracles. God (Truth) “creates” through extension, meaning Its Being extends everywhere, always. So “Creation” in ACIM is not something brought into being by God, like the universe of form. In ACIM “Creation” is God’s Infinite Being. That’s the level that ACIM calls “Knowledge”, which is apart from the level of perception (consciousness, awareness). At the perceptual level, we experience Oneness as I described above. This mind’s sense of “me” extends beyond the boundaries of the self (body/personality) to include someone or something else or even everything else. This is not Creation, as ACIM uses the term, which is beyond perception. But perceptual Oneness, or extension, reflects True Oneness, God’s Infinite Extension of Itself.
And this is the experience I expected. However, I find I am experiencing Oneness, or extension, as a creator.
            This began nearly two years ago when the Golden Light of Love came blazing into my mind and with It came a romance novel (A Good Woman). I had not written fiction for a very long time and this experience was very different from my previous attempts. At the same time this was occurring, everywhere I went I felt the world was within me. I loved everyone as I loved the characters in my book. Others, the world, felt like an extension of me. I am the Author, the world is my play, and others are my characters. I am an actor as well as the Author and I also play a part in the play, feeling the part, but not to the depth I did when I thought the character was my reality.
            There are other ways to describe this experience. To use an A Course in Miracles metaphor, I am the dreamer and others are the figures in my dream. Another is I am the creator and everyone is my creation. And I’m using the verb “to create” here as ACIM does: to extend. We usually use that verb to mean “to bring into being”. But what I experience is creation as extension: I am the source, the creator, but I am not separate from my creation. I am creator and creation. I love my creation as me.
            A little over a year ago I experienced what I call The Break, which was the moment of the huge shift in my consciousness. With it came a new life in the world. I felt it was given to me, whole and complete, ready to walk into. I use the terms Author, play, and characters because they are the most apt way, to me, to describe my experience, perhaps because I have a writer’s mind. My extension unfolds before me. Sometimes I look at it and feel, “That’s me! I conjured this up!”

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Christine said…
I'm sorry if I didn't read it right, but is the " perception" ours, and / or "the creation" ours? Don't we give everything meaning? Is it that everything in reality reflects Love, so now that's all you, Liz, are seeing?
ACIM Mentor said…
Christine, it's beyond giving meaning from a seemingly-individual mind. What I am saying is this mind has shifted to the level of Source, what ACIM would call the "Son of God", the maker of the world, experiencing itself as both creator (source) and creation (the world), the focal point of the later being a self (Liz) and its expression (thoughts, feeling), but really encompassing it all. And it loves its creation as itself.

Ah. Words fall short.

I'm just expressing my experience and not trying to fit it into any preconceived ideas. I couldn't as it's so unexpected (again!).
ACIM Mentor said…
[Will, I extend my apologies for bringing up "extension" as I know this is a trigger for you ;-) I thought of you as I wrote it...]
Kay said…
Thank you, Liz, for the support you offer all our practice with your honest and helpful emails. Your open heart is received by us the way flowers receive a summer shower. kay
This comment has been removed by the author.
Leida said…
Gracias infinitas Liz
Hal Seeley said…
"Perceptual Oneness, or extension, reflects True Oneness, God's Infinite Extension of Itself"

Liz, the internal hit I got off your words above was a validation of something that I have thought about but had not been able to put words to. I used to think as I looked outward, especially to the stars, what an incredible being I must be to be able to project such magnificence. To call it a reflection of Myself brought it home to me. It is a reflection of God's Infinite Extension of Itself. Now as I look outward I can begin to appreciate the description of all enlightened or awakened people and why it all seems to be One. I await the moment when it becomes a knowing rather than an intellectual concept.

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