Heaven Forgives Death

Heaven is not a place nor a condition. It is merely an awareness of perfect Oneness, and the knowledge that there is nothing else; nothing outside this Oneness, and nothing else within.” (T-18.VI.1)

            In A Course in Miracles, “Oneness” refers to the “only Truth” (nothing outside), to “the same throughout” (nothing else within), and to Wholeness (perfect). As you can see in the quote above, these are the same thing, and being aware of them is Heaven.
“Love” is also experienced as Wholeness, or Oneness. So an awareness of perfect Love is Heaven.
            Love came for me in August of 2018. Oh, I’d had many experiences of It before, but this Golden Light of Love was different. Its arrival in my conscious awareness signaled a major shift. And what I’ve faced since is that a part of my mind fearfully equated the arrival of Love in my conscious awareness with “death”. My thinking was that since Heaven comes after death (in traditional thinking), Love must mean death. And it does mean a certain consciousness is over. The consciousness of fear and lack. The consciousness of death. So Love—Heaven—does come after death—after the consciousness of death falls away.
            Have you ever considered the implications of “going on” after death—or after Love? I never did; not in any real way. Going on reveals not just that you are not now what you thought you were. It reveals you never were what you thought you were. You don’t go from form to Spirit. You were Spirit all the while, but thought you were a body.
A few months ago on a walk I experienced Myself. I had by then had a few experiences of “I am Spirit”, but this was a moment when I was fully There: Holy Spirit, Christ, Awareness of Truth—whatever you want to call It. And as I stepped away from that experience I wondered about my past life, before Love, before Spirit, when I identified with a body. And what I felt was: “it was insignificant”. This was not a brush off. It was a fact. It was forgiveness.
The other implication of going on is that Love/Heaven is Life, not death. Life has no beginning and no ending. What seemed to begin and to end was never life. It was an interlude of time in Timelessness; an experience of form in Formlessness. Timeless, Formless Life is untouched by it. It is here before, during, and after experiencing lifelessness—death. Life/Love/Heaven forgives death by its very nature.

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Deb said…
On a few occasions I heard this in response to questions around death of a loved one . . . "Death of a loved one opens a portal to Love". Recently I asked, what does that actually mean? I sense this article is in Answer.

Much gratitude Liz
OMG Liz!....Love came for me in August 2018! That was when my mentor said: “That’s It.” I’ve been having coffee with my mentor every Wednesday for two hours for over three years. It took that long to strip away the illusion of a separated self.

If I could recommend anything to ACIM students wanting to Know Love/Oneness/Wholeness/Truth, it would be to amplify your WILLINGNESS to allow this for yourself. I wanted Truth more than anything the ego or the world had to offer, and I never regretted the decision. This state of Being is HEAVEN!

The other thing I see that was crucial for me in this awakening to Truth was to have a mentor. The ego is so crafty, it will mislead the body/mind at every turn. A mentor was necessary to point out (1) when I was being misled by the ego, 2) when I was lying to myself, (3) when I was using “distractions” to keep me from the Truth, (4) when to go to Holy Spirit, just to name a few. Having Liz as a mentor will cut out years of study-time and practice.

I still meet with my mentor as navigating this new state of being is sometimes confusing: Being Life Unfolding. One thing is for sure: THIS IS UNBELIEVABLY WONDERFUL. Life still has challenges, but these are not seen as problems. NOW, everything is an opportunity to expand in Love. Deb, in the comment above quotes...”Death of a loved one opens a portal of Love.” YUP!..and so does absolutely everything that shows up.

Much love to Liz for this expression of Love, and to All.
Deb said…
Cairn, Joy comes through loud and clear. Willingness, oh yes. I know this has been the key along with Liz as mentor with whom I join regularly. Your post ignites the power of willingness.

Love and gratitude, Deb
Deb said…
Sometimes I go back to read something written and see it's error. So I see the correction and offer it here. Liz as mentor, who I am joined always. So Cairn, expressed as joy, who I am joined always :-D

My gratitude speaks to this quote by Ramana Maharshi . . .

"Your own Self-realization is the greatest service you can render the world"

hannah said…
just came across this quote:

'if nothing but the truth exists, right-minded seeing cannot see anything but perfection'

thanks for the reminder xx

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