The Journey and the Destination

            The other day I realized I have heard the saying “it’s not the destination; it’s the journey” only one way. I heard it as the saying of ditherers: People who didn’t want to get there, but just play at it. For example, they wanted to remain spiritual seekers and never experience Perfect Peace (the absence of all conflict).
            But the other day I heard it in a different way: If you focus on the journey you will reach your destination. The inverse of this is if you focus too much on your destination you miss the steps along the way that will get you there. For example, if you constantly measure your peace (“Am I There yet?”) you’ll miss the opportunity to learn the lesson or remove the obstacle to experience Peace that is in front of you.
            It’s okay to take a measurement of progress now and then. It can be helpful to see if what you’re doing is effective so you can make changes if necessary. But the best way to do this is to look behind, not ahead. Compare how you feel now to, say, a year ago. Have you grown in your awareness of Truth, the source of Peace? What has helped? What has not? Do you need to make changes or stay the course?
If you compare where you are now to your destination, you will always find yourself falling short. Otherwise, your journey would be over! You reach your destination not by comparing your progress to it, but by taking steps toward it. If you were a medical student, you wouldn’t become a doctor by comparing yourself to a doctor. You would become a doctor by applying yourself to your current classes. It’s no different when your destination is Perfect Peace. What lesson or obstacle is in front of you? What can you do right now that brings Truth and Peace to your awareness?
When I was asked years ago what I did to stay at peace I realized I practiced four habits to keep Truth in my awareness. I eventually wrote about them in my book, 4 Habits for Inner Peace. The nice thing about a spiritual journey is the journey (means) and the Destination (End) are the same. Truth is Peace, so when you invite It into your awareness you invite Peace. This is what A Course in Miracles calls a “Holy Instant”. In a Holy Instant you experience the Destination (Timelessness), each time shortening the journey (time). If Perfect Peace is your destination, your journey is growing your awareness of Truth. Focus on that and you find Peace now and, in time, Perfect Peace.

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Anonymous said…
Hi Liz, I've come to the point where I'm aware of my Beingness and I always stay the same no matter what occurs. I seem to be just staying in this spot consistently now (there is nowhere else anyways! Lol!) and I watch all things come and go by. I'm experiencing Being as an empty spaciousness. I'm watching the 'person' otherwise known as 'me' going through a shift into being willing to have it's thoughts changed and willing to do the Course workbook. I've experienced the golden yellow light in my mind that brought about the Oneness vision however I feel slightly confused. I feel that everything is occurring backwards and in the wrong order. Why would the Oneness experience happen and then I have to go back to the Course to learn again what I feel I've already learned from the vision? Lol!! I hope you are able to make sense of my confusion! Thanks heaps, Liz. :-) I'm feeling like there are two different experiences going on.
Christine said…
My awareness of Peace is becoming clearer as I feel like I am not attatched to outcomes, people, places, things, like I had been...I'm more of the observer, just watching stuff go by...oh yeh, and not feeling like the victim anymore...plain, simple undoing of obstacles, barnacles...I have a feeling that "I don't care" anymore...not caring as if it were not real/ not truth...doesn't mean I act coldly, or odd, just kind of pleasantly detached. Even pet stuff doesn't get me depressed/scared as it once and always did!! I have found that just letting the "I" of me Love, just Love...yes, even people whose actions would have formerly annoyed me greatly...kind of is disolving. And Yes, the Four Practices of Peace book you wrote is so helpful! I have it next to my bed and re-re-read it all the time!!
ACIM Mentor said…
Anonymous, just watch and allow the all of your experiences even if they seem contradictory. Understanding will come through them.
ACIM Mentor said…
Christine, sounds like a nice place to be!

And glad you enjoy the book.
hannah said…
what a Beautiful post. Kind and Present xx
hannah said…
ah, ive gone all quotey..

'patience is natural to those who trust'.

somewhere in the manual!

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