Taking Action

Many students become paralyzed once they decide to turn their life over to their Holy Spirit. They think they have to ask for guidance for every little decision as well as for all the larger decisions. If you have truly turned over your life to your Holy Spirit then you can be sure that guidance is there.

If you are uncertain which way your Holy Spirit wants you to go, go in the direction you want to go. Your Holy Spirit will guide you from there, either through your intuition, directly through thought or words, or indirectly through means “outside” of you. For example, I know a couple who were planning on moving their home and business to another state. They put their home up for sale and were putting their plans into action. “You know when you have so many obstacles you finally get the idea this is not the way you are supposed to go?” the woman asked me when I found out they had decided to stay in town. Of course, if this was the way they were supposed to go the obstacles would have melted away or they would not even have seen them as obstacles. This was the way their Holy Spirit got their attention.

You have probably been guided by your Holy Spirit all your life without calling it that. Your intuition or gut feelings, while not always your Holy Spirit, have probably sometimes been your Holy Spirit. Just live your life and stay consciously connected to your Holy Spirit throughout your day. Your Holy Spirit will work in you and through you right where you are.



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