Your Mistakes Are Corrected For You

In my blog on 10/21 I wrote about how often students become paralyzed when they first turn their life over to their Holy Spirit because they are uncertain which way to go. Related to this paralysis of indecision is the fear of making a mistake.

First, you have to understand that making a mistake is not a sin. It calls for correction, not punishment. So any fear you have here is unjustified. Second, if you have turned your life over to your Holy Spirit, then you have the Correction with you at all times. Remember, there is only one mistake: The perception that you have separated yourself from God. If you are connecting with your Holy Spirit, Who speaks for God, then your one mistake is corrected. And this is manifested in the correction of any other mistake you may seem to make in the world.

Remember the story I told you on 10/21 about the couple who were planning to move but bumped up against too many obstacles. Their plan to move was out of accord with where the Holy Spirit needs them to be right now, and so they got the message, not directly, but indirectly. Their mistake was corrected.

As long as you are making a conscious effort to stay connected with your Holy Spirit, just as the lessons in the Workbook teach you, then you can be certain that your Holy Spirit will find a way to communicate with you. Sometimes it will come through the “still, quiet voice” in your mind; sometimes through intuition; sometimes indirectly through others, or as in my example, through situations that will make the correct direction obvious.

Relax and enjoy the journey. The separation is over for you now. You are on your way Home and nothing but your own choice to delay can stop you.


derek said…
I cannot find an entry for 6/21. Can you please confirm that date or email me a link at Thank you very much. I enjoy your material.

Paula said…
Hi Liz, I find that when I'm upset I find it helpful to say to myself, 'I am whole and complete Spirit. Because this is the Truth then what I'm looking at must be a mistake.' Then the correction comes immediately or I'm able to see it another way. What I'd like to know is whether this is me or the Holy Spirit making the correction or is this me simply using reason to correct myself? Is this ok or am I taking over the Holy Spirit's job?
ACIM Mentor said…
Paula, it's both, because the Holy Spirit IS you. It is you (a split-mind) using the Holy Spirit (your true) thought system instead of the ego thought system. The proof is in the release you feel from guilt and fear.

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