Ask: Can you explain your different versions of "mind"?

“…I try to follow your descriptions when you refer to the mind but it seems there are so many versions of “mind” I wondered if you could find an easy way for the very simple person (me) to explain so I can understand? So for example in your last mind you mentioned--Universal mind--Universal split mind--hybrid mind, and simply mind. Is this linked to the ladder of the split which Kenneth Wapnick referred to?” - CL

There is only one Mind (Truth), but we experience Mind as though It is split between Truth and not-Truth. The part of Mind where the idea of not-Truth seems to occur I refer to as the one or universal split-mind. (In A Course in Miracles this is called the “Son of God”).  It is this split-mind that projects the universe of form, including billions of versions (“sons of God”) of itself. You experience yourself as one of these projected split-minds. The split in you shows up as two thought systems, the Awareness of Truth (Holy Spirit) and the personal thought system (ego).

The “hybrid mind” I mentioned for the first time in last week’s article ( is a recent experience for me. It is where the boundary between this particular projection and the universal split-mind fell away, at least in part. This split-mind for a while was aware of expressing not just itself but the universal split-mind.

All split-minds are part of the universal split-mind and are always expressing it. What is unfolding in the universe of form as the story of time is the Undoing (Atonement) of the universal split-mind. I sometimes refer to this story as the “flow of the universe”. The story for each seemingly-individual split-mind is a part of the Undoing, whether it seems to be or not. For those of us who manifest the Undoing and rise in consciousness (awareness, perception) it is inevitable that the boundary between the universal and seemingly-individual split-mind falls away.

I have not studied Ken Wapnick so I do not know if this is related to his ladder of the split.

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Anonymous said…
I ask anyone who has read this article and found it helpful to write about it here and give an example of exactly how it helped.
Unknown said…
Only MIND is Truth. Split mind, weather Universally or individually experienced, is still not Truth. Split mind projects the story of time (form)....not Truth. Is this right understanding so far Liz?
nicci said…
in my study time early this morning, my reading included your mentor's notes in an early section of the Manual Translation in which you describe the experience of a personal mind and a separate self as forms or expressions of the one split mind. later, as i was sitting in contemplation, i joined with the Holy Spirit in my mind and then extended Love -forgiveness - through that joining into the mind of a loved one who is suffering.

my question is this: was i experiencing in that moment a joining of our Christ Minds or a joining of our One Shared Christ Mind? (as i am writing this, i hear the HS telling me, "I am the Love you are; you are the Love I am.....") i feel He enjoins me often to hear Him through you.

in deep gratitude for the help you are giving me on this path,
ACIM Mentor said…
Jacomina, yes.
ACIM Mentor said…
Nicci, there is only one Christ Mind. The Christ Mind in you and the Christ Mind in anyone else is exactly the same. It is only not-Truth, or the ego, that is different.
Unknown said…
Anonymous, I would like to say something regarding your request knowing I'm not the best choice because I am still deeply rooted in the personal thought system. I engage far too much in the projections of my personal perceptions and give them a reality and importance they don't have. Back to your point, however. I have enough experience of Truth to widen my options at any and every given moment of my life. I simply withdraw from my perceptions of confusion, pain and misery when I remember to do so and allow another layer of Untruth to unwind and dissolve. I choose this withdrawing of my attention consciously. I decide it. I step back and just observe. Non reaction.
Anonymous said…
I have read your work and find it very enlightening and a breath of fresh air. Although you have studied ACIM since the the 1980’s I have noticed you have avoided,and in this article again, the mention of Ken Wapnick or any other teachers in your work.

As one of ACIM’s most prolific an earliest teachers it's somewhat like being a psychiatrist and never studied Freud. I am a little surprised you have not read any of his material in your studies especially in your early years. With ACIM coming into the public domain it has opened itself up to an a abundance of ACIM interpreters so it is a difficult group to cull.

What did you do when you were navigating the ACIM in the beginning? Perhaps as you have said you felt like you wrote it and just understood it at first glance.
Unknown said…
Perhaps information is not the same as knowledge. To be informed would require study and research. Conversely, to have knowledge has no requisite. It is experiential. Thus, the real teacher of truth is the experience of it.
ACIM Mentor said…
Anonymous, it was just me and the Holy Spirit from the start. When I started out in the 80s there was no internet in which to find out about teachers out there. I don't think I would have expected them anyway because ACIM is a self-study course. And I didn't expect the subject of the books would attract many readers. I was vaguely aware of Wapnick, I'm not sure how. Perhaps books in a bookstore? I remember thinking about them but I was guided away from them.
The only teaching beside ACIM I was guided to read was Goldsmith's Infinite Way.

By the time the internet was around I was so set in my relationship with the Holy Spirit as my Teacher it never occurred to me to look for human teachers. I don't remember even looking into the ACIM community online until I put up my own website in '06.
ACIM Mentor said…
Jacomina: Exactly.
Christine said…
Yes, exactly! I don't mean to always quote Ken Wapnick, but he is the helper/explainer of the Course I had from 2001 until his death. He did not have a blog spot or web page where one could write and get immediate responses to questions like Liz has. That's one reason how I found Liz, by looking on the internet. Wapnick would respond to hand written/typed letters with a stamp, though! Always got one back within a week. Have them as book marks...he was kind, warm, funny, very clear on the Course. Help comes to you the way you need it/ask for it. It just happened to be Ken at that time. It is a helpful practice not to get attached to form/person, though! Having a "direct" relationship with the HS like Liz did/has is actually one step removed as seemingly needing "someone out there" to call for help.

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