Too Concerned with Consciousness

My mistake for so many years was to try to accept that I wasn’t what I was experiencing myself to be. In other words, I felt I was a self, but I tried to get myself to realize that I was Truth or Spirit or Mind or whatever you want to call It. It would have been better to allow myself to feel I was a self and to also invite Truth into my awareness. In practice, of course, this is what eventually occurred. I would, time and again, say, “This is what I experience, dammit, and I’m not going to deny it anymore.” But it would have been a lot less painful if between those moments of honesty I didn’t fall back into guilt and feel I had to try to accept what was unacceptable from the point of view that I was a self.

There was no reconciling my experience as a self and my experiences of Truth. I really just had to experience each apart from the other. This is the experience of the split mind. But mind seeks to be whole. So it seeks to reconcile its parts. However, Wholeness is. It is not made by reconciling Truth and not-Truth. In fact, Wholeness does not need to be made at all. It is always here. To realize Wholeness I just need to let not-Truth fall away. And this is done by letting it go without judging it. It isn’t real so why would I need to judge it? Why would I need to do anything with it?

I was always too concerned with my own conscious experiences. If I experience what isn’t real, so what? It isn’t real. That’s not justification for guilt. The only response that makes sense is to recognize it isn’t real! No harm; no foul. The Truth goes on completely untouched by what happens in the consciousness of this split mind.

This is something I can only see now that I no longer believe in guilt.

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nicci said…
thank you. n
Unknown said…

But that belief in guilt is so sub conscious. Years ago I did read your book on guilt. Today I would read it with a better understanding and glean more from it. For the purposes of this post can you tell us again how the belief in guilt is responsible for our awareness of Un truth, Un wholeness.
ACIM Mentor said…
If the ego is real Truth was overcome and replaced and guilt is real. There is no ego without guilt. There is no guilt without the ego.

Guilt is not responsible for your awareness of not-Truth. You can be aware of not-Truth and not feel guilty. But guilt makes not-Truth seem significant. It makes it matter. It makes it real to you.

What I was saying was my belief in guilt made what went on in this mind's consciousness seem to matter. Without the belief in guilt, I see it does not matter one iota.
Unknown said…

....and I'm laughing.... Just read the first line and I'm laughing. You're right. Either - Or. Either Truth or Ego/guilt.

I thank you and now, with the second paragraph in my mind for contemplation and absorption, I must take pause (so as not to skim over it's depth and application in our lives). It is more complex than the first. It's a double doozy for the mind and yet I sense the freedom it offers.
Liz, you just get it and give so darned much. We ALL thank you.

will said…
Not an attack, an observation. There has been dogma here about the meaning and interpretation of the course; the hard line on the non reality of people. Mentor shows a radical softening this week. A radical softening after writing a book about people in the dream (I assume from the description).

There can be nothing but good to come from this. In this persons opinion the course in this blog had become brittle, hard, little room for spiritual maneuvering that is necessary in any spiritual journey. The biblical Jesus, if I can refer to him without offending anyone's sensitivity, wrestled with his humanness until his death.
will said…
Cavalier disregard for the origin of the course?
will said…
In all the years I have put into the Course I have NEVER once seen anything written or said about who the author of the Course reveals himself to be. The author in the text clearly says he is the Jesus of the Bible. Oh horrors. It is out in the open at last. The shameful secret of The Course in Miracles.

IMHO, If a person is uncomfortable with this they need to respect the author enough to resolve this issue with him rather than the ego.

Not selling anything but a look at denial.
will said…
To make a correction, Helen did and Wapnick did. A common reason of the fear to read Wapnick's material.

will said…
"The Truth goes on untouched by what happens in the consciousness of the split mind" is the ego coming in the back door.

Of course Truth is untouched. But what the ego blinds us to is that the split mind is effected daily. It effects lives daily. It is a two way relationship. If you have ever seen addicted people in 12 step what do you see?

It takes a committed desire to block this out. The ego coming in the back door will use whatever they believe is a personal strength to blind them to their actual relationship to Jesus/Holy Sport.
hannah said…
Thanks liz. I accepted yesterday that while there is learning that continues ages after an experience of an awareness of truth as truth, it (experiencing peace) is bottom line always going to come back to recognizing and releasing guilt and turning to the silent place inside until the belief in guilt is released. I can't really let go what i believe in though can i!? So... i just remind myself its not real and recall the innocence inherent in the one story experience. Is that what you mean by let it go?

I've noticed i get obsessed with consciousness after an experience of peace. The self trying to be perfect brings out extra whips. It's specialness in action again isn't it? Trying to seek peace through the self and its stories?
ACIM Mentor said…
Hannah, yes, that is what I mean by "let it go".

Yes, specialness is meant to be the replacement for Truth so you seek for peace through it in the absence of an Awareness of Truth.
hannah said…
Thank you x

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