Deserving and the Happy Dream

Every now and then I get questions about what A Course in Miracles calls the “happy dream” or the “real world”. Most want to know if this means they will have everything they want, which usually is along the lines of a lot of money, and all that money can buy; the perfect life partner, with whom they will have no conflict of any kind; engaging and interesting employment, etc.
The happy dream is a shift in perception, not circumstances. It is happy because you are aware of the Source of True Happiness within you and this extends in your awareness; into the “dream”. You know your happiness is not dependent on any circumstance.
            Sometimes the question comes as: “Don’t I deserve to be happy?” Yes! But who is the “I” in this question? You will never be happy in a false state because, well, it’s false! You can only be happy in Truth because, well, It’s the Truth! No matter how much you seek for lasting peace and happiness in circumstances you will not find it, because circumstances are not your Source; they are not your Reality.
            ACIM points out that, in Truth, to have and to be are the same. In Truth, you both have and are Happiness Itself. This awareness is not found in the world, in any circumstance. But it is with you always, in your mind. So, seeking your Reality and seeking lasting Happiness are the same thing! Find Yourself and you find the Happiness you deserve.
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Anonymous said…
Hi Liz, I didn't seem to find a lasting happiness in awakening. I found an unshakable presence of being that cancels out anything that is not It.
ACIM Mentor said…
Anonymous, in direct Revelation (Truth only) I experience, well, nothing. It's beyond experience as It is All that is. Nothing to which to compare It; nothing for It to cancel out. But in the Awareness of Truth I find a lightness of Being that I can only describe as quiet happiness. Perhaps it's not the same for all.
Anonymous said…
Yes, I also experience the nothing too, minus the anything about it.
Christine said…
Like that Seinfeld episode..."it's a story about nothing!"

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