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A few times a year I’ll hear from readers who want to know how they can look at some horror in the world and see Love, so the answer bears repeating.
The answer is that the content of what you see never comes from the images appearing before you. By “content” I mean the meaning that you see, which is the same as what you experience. And that is either some form of fear or Love, which always comes from you.
            Love is Reality. It is your Being. It is the True Content—meaning, the Real World, as A Course in Miracles calls It. In my translation of ACIM into plain language (The Message of A Course in Miracles and Practicing A Course in Miracles/The Way of A Course in Miracles) instead of “Real World” I use “True Perception”. For me, “True Content” and “True Perception” more accurately describe the experience of Spiritual Vision.
What you perceive is always your own mind. When you perceive through the personal thought system (ego) you project onto forms the source of guilt and fear and their many manifestations (anxiety, anger, etc.) that is the content, or meaning, that you experience. When you perceive through the Awareness of Truth (Holy Spirit) in your mind, you see (experience) the Content of Love That is your mind and you know It is the Extension of your Being.
            When you perceive through the ego, forms are separate things, each with meaning in itself. But when you perceive through the Awareness of Truth, everything has the same Meaning (experience), Which is Love, because you are Love. While your eyes register differences, your mind recognizes it is all a part of you in Content (experience), so you experience Oneness. And, in fact, different images are not really different, either, because, for example, if the Content of a tree is Love and the Content of a car is Love, then the tree is an image of the car and the car is an image of the tree!
            So how can you look on some horror in the world and see Love? The answer is in the “and”. What you see is not the source of your experience. You don’t see Love from what is appearing. Your eyes see images and your mind sees Love, knowing It is Reality.
            Obviously, you are not going to be able to see Love in the images appearing before you until you know that you are Love. So, in the meantime, use what disturbs you to turn your mind inward to the Awareness of Truth in your mind and remind yourself that, even if you cannot see It yet, there is another way to see. This will, in time, open your mind to the new way of seeing.

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Martha said…
Beautiful, this really helps to put into words what I experienced and it is wonderful to be shown this again and bring it back up for a closer look. Humbly I say thank you for this wonderful reminder.
Deb said…
Thank you . . . the unlearning unfolding with more clarity and recognition of what I am, well quite incredible.

Keeping centered in Truth, your books Liz have proven invaluable.


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