Inviting the Necessary Experiences

Separating Truth from illusion is how spiritual awakening is accomplished. Unless you experience Truth, or your Oneness with God, you cannot really understand the Course when it tells you that the world and bodies/egos are illusion. They are all you think you know. The experience of Oneness with others or directly with God shows you how radically different is God from what you think is real.

So how do you invite these experiences? By retraining your mind with conscious and consistent effort. Here is what you need to do:

See Christ in others even when you do not really yet see Christ in them. You can do this by deliberately seeing light around them or in them to represent the idea of Christ to you. You consciously decide to focus on this instead of what is appearing. Then one day instead of seeing what you put there you will see Christ. I cannot describe this to you, but you will know it when you see it. In fact, it will be more familiar to you than what you are used to experiencing.

When you meditate imagine what God’s peace will be like. Imagine a love and peace and happiness without ending. Use this to help quiet your mind and one day real peace will steal over you. It may come when you are meditating or when you are going about your day. You will recognize it.

Build a conscious relationship with the Holy Spirit. Throughout the day stop what you are doing or thinking now and then and remind yourself that the Holy Spirit is with you. Bring your questions and problems, big or small, spiritual or worldly, to the Holy Spirit. Know you will be answered when you are ready to hear the answer. It may come immediately or when you are occupied with something else. Keep up a dialogue with the Holy Spirit in your mind, or if it works better for you, in writing. Let the Holy Spirit be your constant Companion. This will lead you to trust which will lead to the experiences you need to know Truth.

You are retraining your mind. This takes conscious and consistent effort. Putting your relationship with God front and center in your life will invite experiences of God. And these experiences are the beginning of true, lasting peace.


ceu said…
It is so like u put Liz, it is so difficult to put it into words. I have exprience the Holy Spririt. I do need to practice that "giving up of myself to be one with Love"

"Practice the Holy Instant Throughout the Day"

I did not know what it was till now, beging to see that it is all in A course in Miracles.

I love your Blog Liz.
Anonymous said…
I'm currently a well-fed jackass who likes doling out more than taking in suggestions and hence I will return to read the article in earnestness when I'm starved but here is a jackass observation: Life is not a pleasurable experience but an experience of Joie de vivre including the terrors, tortures, tragedies and traumas.

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