The Pleasure of Connecting to God

All real pleasure comes from doing God's Will. (T-1.VII.1)

When I talk about giving from abundance and not from sacrifice or about giving to increase the value of an idea in your mind not “giving to get” students sometimes ask, “But don’t you feel good anyway? And doesn’t other people’s gratitude feel good, too?” Actually, no. When I am connected to the Holy Spirit the pleasure comes from the connection itself. I feel whole and good and at peace regardless of whether this results in action taken in the world. Whether I am guided to do something for someone else or not is not important. How an ego responds to my action (or lack of action) is totally irrelevant.

Do not deceive yourself into believing that you can relate in peace to God or to your brothers with anything external. (T-1.VII.1)

Our journey is inward. There came a time on my path when I thought the Holy Spirit was teaching me how to “be there” for others. But what I really learned was how not to be there, how to step aside. Only then was the Holy Spirit able to work through me to reach other minds that dream they are separate. I don’t relate to “others”, I stay connected to the Holy Spirit. In this way, I am connected to everyone. We do not have different spirits, remember, because individuality is the illusion. The Holy Spirit is our Holy Spirit – exactly the same. The only way any one of us can really connect with each other is through our One Spirit.

God’s Will is our Oneness with God. All you need to experience real, lasting pleasure is to connect to God.


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