An Ironic Example

A student of the Course posted to my blog asking me where he could find my blog of 6/21. When someone posts to my blog all I get in my email is the content of their post. I don’t know to which particular blog they posted unless I click on a link that comes with their comments. I rarely bother to do this because most comments are generic or about the poster’s own experience. In this case, I assumed he had been reading through the archive of my blogs in June and looked in my own files where I found I did not have a blog for 6/21 and emailed this to him.

But something (guess Who?) made me click on the link before I deleted his email. I found that he had actually been referring to my blog of 10/28 and that in it I had incorrectly referenced a previous blog as 6/21 instead of 10/21. What was ironic was that the blog in which I had made the mistake was the one called “Your Mistakes Are Corrected For You”, in which I explain how the Holy Spirit always finds a way to correct your mistakes!

I had a good laugh over this one. This illustrates exactly what I was talking about in that blog. I had made a mistake that could be confusing to someone reading my blog of 10/28. There was no way I was going to find that mistake on my own, so the Holy Spirit reached me through an unsuspecting student and then led me to click on a link I would not usually click on. Voila, mistake corrected. It really is that simple. You can be sure that one way or another the Holy Spirit will find a way.


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