Willingness vs. Worthiness

The other day I was in a home where someone had left their church’s magazine open on a table. The magazine was open to an article that said you could always trust in God. The blurb about the article stated that if you lived a worthy life you would be given guidance by the Holy Spirit. (I didn’t read the article so I don’t know what a “worthy life” looks like to them).

How different is this idea from what we learn in the Course! The Course tells us that anyone, anywhere at any time can be guided by the Holy Spirit if they are only willing to hear and follow. It does not matter who you are or who you have been. Your worth is established as Part of God and the Holy Spirit is your True Voice.

The idea that you have to do something to become worthy of God reinforces the idea that the separation from God is real and that your guilt for taking power from God is justified. Whenever you find yourself feeling that you are unworthy ask yourself if it is really possible that you are more powerful than God. Only if you are could your separation from God be real.

The only thing that can stand between you and your ability to hear the Holy Spirit is your unwillingness to open yourself to the Holy Spirit. Students ask why they would not be willing to hear the Holy Spirit and feelings of unworthiness can be an obstacle. But another obstacle is that somewhere inside you, you know that following the Holy Spirit’s guidance will lead you out of the world.



Anonymous said…
Right there.

Thank you

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