All You Have to Do

The sole responsibility of the miracle worker is to accept the Atonement for himself. (T-2.V.5)

The sole responsibility of God's teacher is to accept the Atonement for himself. (M-18.4)

"Atoning" means "undoing." (T-1.I.26)

Your purpose is to awaken from the world because it is not your home. What other purpose could you have? What other error is there to correct? You couldn’t ask for easier responsibility.

Even after years of study some students still speak in terms of changing the world. But the world is an error. It is an error in your mind. So the correction of this error must also occur in your mind.

How do you atone or undo such an error? Since the error is that you have divided your mind from your Self, then the correction is to turn your mind back to your Self. Turn your mind over to your Holy Spirit. How simple is your one responsibility and with what relief can you accept it!
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OurFutureNow said…
I once heard "atonement" described as "at-one-ment".

I thought that pretty neat....
Nir said…
It's also nice that to remember, is to Re-Member...
jerryo said…
I exert a tremendous amount of energy fighting God...I usually realize this once I am exhausted
jerryo said…
PS: this is the depression as I experience it..I doubt they will ever invent a pill to fix this.
My only purpose in life is to atone, change my mind and think only with the Holy Spirit. I must know that God is always with me as if He is an overprotective parent that never lets me out of His sight, though I may not notice Him, His eyes are always on me and can reach out and touch me instantly.

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