Micro Managing With Holy Spirit

Does this mean that you cannot say anything without consulting Him? No, indeed! That would hardly be practical, and it is the practical with which this course is most concerned. If you have made it a habit to ask for help when and where you can, you can be confident that wisdom will be given you when you need it. Prepare for this each morning, remember God when you can throughout the day, ask the Holy Spirit's help when it is feasible to do so, and thank Him for His guidance at night. And your confidence will be well founded indeed. (M-29.5)

After the Course was written and was getting ready to be published all those involved would sit and pray together whenever a decision had to be made. Of course this was cumbersome and unrealistic. Finally, Ken Wapnick spoke up and said this is not what the Course had taught them to do. The Holy Spirit is always present and if you stay connected when you can, you can be assured of guidance when you need it.

For myself, I rarely get an answer from Holy Spirit at the moment I ask a specific question. It usually comes at some time when I’m not even considering the problem. I also found that when I tried to get Holy Spirit to micro manage things by asking for guidance every time I had a decision to make that I was unable to sort out what was Holy Spirit and what wasn’t. What I’ve learned is that if I make a decision without guidance and it is “wrong”, that Holy Spirit will correct it later. This may be directly, as in being told to do something else, or indirectly, like the situation falling away or falling apart so that another decision can be made.

If you connect with your Holy Spirit on a regular basis you find you are guided all the time.

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