Helen and Iambic Pentameter

A blogee has wondered about the Course being written in iambic pentameter (5 beat poetic line). Shakespeare wrote in iambic pentameter and Helen Schucman, who scribed the Course, loved Shakespeare – and iambic pentameter. How much did Helen influence the style of the Course?

Think of God’s help as Play-Doh and our minds as the forms that you press Play-Doh through to make different shapes – stars, circles, squares, etc. When the Holy Spirit has to communicate through our individual minds to the world the message is pressed through the form of our separated mind. It comes out in a particular shape (iambic pentameter in the Course’s case) but the content (like the Play-Doh) remains the same.

I bet Helen was more receptive to hearing iambic pentameter. She would have enjoyed the rhythm of the words, even when she was uncomfortable with the message. This is another example of how the Holy Spirit uses what we have made to undo what we have made.

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carrie genevachild said…
The Voice for God comes to us in a form we can understand. That is why I ordered a copy of:

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