What Egolessness is Like

This is the stage of real peace, for here is Heaven's state fully reflected. From here, the way to Heaven is open and easy. In fact, it is here. Who would "go" anywhere, if peace of mind is already complete? And who would seek to change tranquility for something more desirable? What could be more desirable than this? (M.4.I.A.8)

In the Manual for Teachers, Part 4 What are the Characteristics of God’s Teachers? the Course lays out the process of establishing trust in the Holy Spirit to become a teacher of God and the characteristics of a teacher of God. But what would the experience of egolessness be? What would it be like to be an advanced teacher of God?

An advanced teacher of God is detached from this world. They are not touched by anything that happens, whether it seems to happen to them or to others. They do not make any judgments so they are not attached to outcomes. They live in the present. They feel free, they are at peace, they are joyous. And they are not long in the world. What use are illusions without the ego they support? When you have completely put ego aside, it is just a step into Heaven.

All worldly states must be illusory. If God were reached directly in sustained awareness, the body would not be long maintained. (M-26.3)
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Sarita said…
Hello Liz,

What is your experience of this? If any?

ACIM Mentor said…
Please see my blog of March 15, More on Egolessness.
carrie genevachild said…
I do sustain the realization that what I see is an illusion. "Life is but a dream."

At the same time I know that what I am experiencing is non-abiding awakening. All is not forgiven. I still cling to individual identity and continue to project guilt onto this dream world.

In the "period of unsettling" Jesus says we "must attain a state that may remain impossible to reach for a long, long time."

That state of mind is achieved when all is forgiven and the Son of God is lifted up to heaven.

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