Praying for Others

Praying for others, if rightly understood, becomes a means for lifting your projections of guilt from your brother, and enabling you to recognize it is not he who is hurting you. (S-1.III.1)

You may be tempted to look upon another’s situation and decide that it needs to be fixed or healed. When you do this, you are attacking yourself. The perception of bodies/egos – whether your own or another’s – is an attack on your own mind. You are mind/spirit, and there is only One mind/spirit. Perceiving a need for healing outside of your own mind is a way of projecting that need away from you so that you do not achieve real healing. Real healing is attained by taking back the projection and realizing it is you who needs to be healed.

True prayer does not ask for anything. True prayer is simply opening your mind to God. You do not have to ask for anything, because Everything is there. When you perceive the world, you are seeing lack and forgetting you have everything. In God’s Oneness is the perception of separation healed.

Sometimes non-Course students will ask you to pray for them or someone else. To comfort them, tell them you will pray as they ask. But within yourself know that there is nothing to pray for. God’s creation is unchanged by the perception of this world. All you need do is remember this.
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carrie genevachild said…
Already this morning I was given an opportunity to pray for a "brother."

What I did was ask for correction for the belief in a dissociated part of my Self.

In THE SONG OF PRAYER, I have bookmarked III. Praying for Others:

"We said that prayer is always for yourself, and this is so."

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