Feeling Guilt? -- Or not?

If you identify with the ego, you must perceive yourself as guilty. (T-5.V.3)

There is another advantage,–and a very important one,–in referring decisions to the Holy Spirit with increasing frequency. Perhaps you have not thought of this aspect, but its centrality is obvious. To follow the Holy Spirit's guidance is to let yourself be absolved of guilt. (M-29.3)

It can be difficult, even overwhelming, to grasp the Course’s concept of guilt. You are probably used to feeling guilty when you perceive you have done something you judge to be “wrong” or “bad”. This is only part of guilt. The Course tells us that the human condition is one of perceived guilt. Guilt is so entwined in perceiving yourself as separate from God that it is unrecognizable apart from this “life”.

Guilt is inevitable when you identify with ego because ego is the belief you have successfully attacked God. Is this absurd? Yes, but ego believes it and so do you when you identify with ego. Ego does not allow you to experience this guilt directly because you’d want to examine it to get rid of it -- and then you’d find ego and want to get rid of it. So instead you see guilt in the world as a way of getting rid of it in yourself. Absurd, too, but effective in keeping it away from your consciousness. However, you can’t escape the pain.

Because you can only ever see your own mind when you see guilt in others or the world it is your own guilt you are seeing. And ego will want you to feel guilty for that, too! The only way out of guilt is to stop identifying with that which believes it is guilty. And this leaves you with your Holy Spirit, Who knows you have not attacked God and that you have nothing to feel guilty about. Therefore, the more you turn your mind over to your Holy Spirit the freer you will be from guilt and its painful consequences.

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carrie genevachild said…
This morning I am seeing guilt in my brothers, in this world, which means I am identifying with ego.

I am saying, "Not me, Lord. She did it!"

With this post, Liz reminds me that I am seeing my belief that I am guilty.

OKay. I am willing to accept correction for my wrong thinking.
jerryo said…
It tries to keep me in tears..Because I now understand,it seems I have stepped on a rattlesnake...and it loves to bite,,but I am not letting go of the miracle that keeps me aware of it.

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