God's Chosen People

The "chosen ones" are merely those who choose right sooner. (T-3.IV.7)

There is no greater example of ego’s insanity than the idea of a chosen people of God. For centuries the Jewish people have been persecuted because of a deep, pathological fear of them as God’s chosen people. Some fear that if they are not Jewish they are somehow less in God’s eyes. This inferiority complex is the basis of all anti-Semitism, whatever reason may be given for hating Jews. Ironically, for Jewish people, being God’s “chosen people” has not meant that they are favored by God, but rather that they have a greater responsibility. Thus the deep association of guilt with Jewish culture. They can never do quite enough to satisfy this responsibility. Fear and guilt – two of ego’s favorite emotions.

And of course, there are many others who teach their religion is the only one right way and if you don’t choose that way you are not one of God’s people. This is an example of ego’s need to be special.

And with the one sentence above the Course wipes it all out. It is you who does the choosing. “Choosing right” means choosing your Self. It means choosing to remember Truth. It means choosing to live consciously in God again. And since it is so rare, in this world that is a special position. But it is a temporary specialness that leads away from the specialness of separation toward Oneness.

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OurFutureNow said…
Thanks again! I keep thinking I have read the Text. Then I keep finding something you quote which seems new.................!

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