My First Miracle

Miracles are natural signs of forgiveness. Through miracles you accept God's forgiveness by extending it to others. (T-1.I.21)

Soon after starting my study of the Course I had a car to sell. I was all of twenty years old. I had bought the car used myself and it seemed to me to be in good shape. What was not in good shape was visible – I had dented the driver’s side door and it had been repaired but not painted. And the air conditioning didn’t work. All of this was obvious to the young couple who came to look it over. They had just had a baby and were looking for a second car in which the new mother could run errands. They liked the car. They gave me a check and I gave them the title and went out and bought myself a moped.

A few days later the young man called me and told me off. The car was a lemon. They had been screwed by me, etc. I felt terrible. I had not intended to dupe them. When I got off the phone I was very upset. I decided that before my upset went further, I would let go of this situation. I sat down and pictured the young couple in the Light and sent love to them. Over the next few days I did this whenever something would make me think of what had happened. After a while I had let go of it and didn’t think about it.

A week after the first phone call the young man called me again. They loved the car! They were very happy with it and wanted to thank me. They had gotten a good deal! He never mentioned, even indirectly, the first phone call. I was as stunned by this call as I was by the first one. It seemed as if the first call had never happened. And I realized it hadn’t. It had been erased, forgiven. It didn’t exist.

What are some of your miracles?
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Patti said…
My miracle occurred during dinner at one of my daughters home. My husband and I recently seperated and my daughter thought it would be good if we all meet one night a week for dinner at her house to be together. I was not sure if my husband would agree to come but he did. Before the dinner itself and before my husband arrived there were a lot distractions and my daughter was honestly getting on my nerves! I felt I was not in a good state of mind for my husbands arrival and so I prayed to the holy spirit that the dinner would go well. The dinner did go well and the miracle that occurred was that my childern put a DVD in to watch before dinner and it was running throughout dinner. A song came on that was the very song I had given to my husband several months ago asking for his forgiveness and to let me return to him. How was it possible that this DVD with that song could have played at that exact time!!! I know I was blessed by the holy spirit. Nothing was said between my husband and I but my children know I like the song so they kept pointing it out and that was like the holy spirit was allowing it to be really noticed. Isn't that grand! A miracle! I am so thankful and the next day my husband sent my daughter an e-mail and said he enjoyed dinner and maybe there was still hope!
Patti said…
Alice said…
I have wondered what a "miracle" is. Liz's description above gave me a good example, but I am still learning. I realized after reading this that I have experienced many miracles. But I have only created them discriminantly. It's easier for me to "judge", making people selectively worthy of miracles. Others seem to call for my "correction" of them, and in that case, I have no mercy. Sometimes the very person who received the miracle can be deemed later by me as not having deserved it, as having manipulated me. So maybe my issue first is to learn about loving and nonjudgement before miracles from me are truly possible.
Jeremy said…
Thank you Liz, Patti and Alice for those examples! They really help me. I guess ANYthing that works to demonstrate the replacement of guilt/fear/conflict by love and harmony in such a way that teaches us the Holy Spirit's lessons is a miracle.

The Miracle is an expression of an inner awareness of Christ and the acceptance of His Atonement. T-1.I.44
carrie genevachild said…
First miracle? The miracle is the mind shift away from the belief in separation from Love and toward acceptance of our true Self.

When I accept the miracle my mind is flooded with love and gratitude for the very situation that had me so upset a moment before.

I can upset myself, make myself angry with my "brother" and then experience tremendous gratitude for the witness who showed up in my dream to show me how I secretly talk to myself. Ego is exposed. This patch of guilt comes undone.
I think miracles occur when we forgive ourselves and trust in God to handle the situation, I've found this to be true.
hannah said…
to show me how i secretly talked to myself, that is beautiful. i think i experienced a miracle right then ;) thanks carrie xx

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