Coming Out Spiritually

The Holy Spirit, as always, takes what you have made and translates it into a learning device. (T-6.V.A.2)

Your Holy Spirit will use what you have made – this worldly life – to help you awaken from it. Sometimes that can be through parallel experiences that can serve almost as a metaphor for spiritual awakening.

When I was first a student of the Course I was struck by how the process of awakening to my True Identity was much like what I had just gone through awakening to my lesbian identity: The deep denial of the truth of my nature despite experiences that should have made it obvious to me; the growing awareness that I’m not who I’m trying to be; the shock as the truth fully dawns; the acceptance, as I look back over my experiences, that the truth has always been here.

The awareness of how deeply I could deny my own identity made me afraid of what else I might be denying. As I dug around within my mind I had a vague and uncomfortable feeling that there was something much bigger than my sexual orientation that I was hiding. So I embarked on a psycho-spiritual path that eventually brought me to A Course in Miracles as a means to awaken to my True Identity.

Awakening to my sexuality was not awakening to Truth, but the process did serve as a template for awakening spiritually. Because the process was familiar to me, it was easier. I was not as shocked or resistant to the awareness I am Something I have been denying because I had been there before – though on a much smaller scale!

Have you had experiences in the world that, though unreal in themselves, have served to make the process of your awakening easier?
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