Using Everyday Transitions to Remember Your Self

It is all well and good to say you are part of God but this will not mean anything to you unless you remember it.

The lessons in the Workbook progress to a point where you are to remember them throughout the day. This is hard enough when you are doing the Workbook, but what about your life afterward? You may find Holy Spirit has a specialized curriculum for you that continues past the formal lessons of the Workbook, perhaps a thought for the day just for you that comes up during morning meditation. In any case, after you finish the lessons you want to continue to stay consciously connected with God throughout the day.

One way to remember your lesson throughout the day -- or your Self as part of God throughout the day -- is to make it a habit to go to these ideas, or to a holy instant, during a transition. This means when you are moving on to something different from what you have been doing. For example, when you rise in the morning, then when you leave for work, when you enter or leave a meeting, when you arrive home, etc. Or if you find yourself very absorbed in a single task for long hours, then when you break to go to the bathroom or have a meal, or when an external interruption occurs.

When this becomes a mental habit you will find your spiritual growth more consistent and you will have more and more experiences that lift you from this world.
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