We All Want to Awaken

The prayer of the heart does not really ask for concrete things. It always requests some kind of experience, the specific things asked for being the bringers of the desired experience in the opinion of the asker. (M-21.2)

If I say everyone wants to awaken, I bet you can think of people who are so immersed in the world and in ego that you think awakening from this dream of separation from our Self is the last thing they want. But I’m sure you’d agree that everyone wants lasting love and peace and happiness.

When people pray for specific things, they are asking for the experience they think that thing will bring. They pray for the destruction of their “enemies” thinking it will bring them peace; they pray for a new “thing” thinking it will bring them happiness; they pray for the perfect mate thinking they will bring lasting love. In our hearts, we are all asking for the same experiences. But in our minds we each picture different things will bring us these experiences.

So in the end, we all want to awaken. Because it is only through remembering Who we really are that we will find lasting love and peace and happiness.

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