Why is Suffering Allowed?

A loving father does not let his child harm himself, or choose his own destruction. He may ask for injury, but his father will protect him still. And how much more than this does your Father love His Son? (M-29.6)

Years ago I read where a popular spiritual teacher and writer said she had figured out everything but why God would allow children to suffer. Well, of course, God doesn’t allow anyone to suffer. The Course reminds us again and again that none of this is really happening and that we are as we have always been – One with God. You are untouched by anything that seems to happen in this world.

The idea of suffering is what you have to awaken from. Certainly, when you are dreaming of suffering – yours or anyone else’s – it seems very real. This is why the holy instant is so important. Stepping away from the world and spending time consciously with God is the only way to make the shift from experiencing the dream of separation from your Self as real to remembering you are still in God.

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Patti said…
My miracle occurred during dinner at one of my daughters home. My husband and I recently seperated and my daughter thought it would be good if we all meet one night a week for dinner at her house to be together. I was not sure if my husband would agree to come but he did. Before the dinner itself and before my husband arrived there were a lot distractions and my daughter was honestly getting on my nerves! I felt I was not in a good state of mind for my husbands arrival and so I prayed to the holy spirit that the dinner would go well. The dinner did go well and the miracle that occurred was that my childern put a DVD in to watch before dinner and it was running throughout dinner. A song came on that was the very song I had given to my husband several months ago asking for his forgiveness and to let me return to him. How was it possible that this DVD with that song could have played at that exact time!!! I know I was blessed by the holy spirit. Nothing was said between my husband and I but my children know I like the song so they kept pointing it out and that was like the holy spirit was allowing it to be really noticed. Isn't that grand! A miracle! I am so thankful and the next day my husband sent my daughter an e-mail and said he enjoyed dinner and maybe there was still hope!

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