Do You Believe in God?

Believe it or not, this is a hard question for me to answer. So are many other questions one gets asked about their spiritual beliefs in the course of life. In my experience, if I say I believe in God, people automatically assume that the word “God” means to me what it means to them. And what it means to me is often so very different from what it means to them!

In general, people ask about my beliefs because they want to tell me their beliefs – and they want me to validate them. And I cannot know what they really need to hear. So I let Holy Spirit answer.

Judge not the words that come to you, but offer them in confidence. They are far wiser than your own. (M-21.5)

One day a pair of Jehovah’s Witnesses came to my door. I told them politely I was not interested and that there was no reason to give me their literature because it would just end up in my recycle bin. One of them sputtered when I said this, but the other asked if I went to church. I told her I was a spiritual, not religious. She brightened and said, “So am I, really.” She asked if I read the bible and I told her I was a student of A Course in Miracles. She seemed satisfied with this and she told me she lived in my neighborhood and if I had any questions I could contact her. With that she happily dragged off her still-sputtering partner.

This was one of those situations where I would not have predicted the response I got from her. She actually seemed brighter when she walked away than when I opened the door. And who knows why? I don’t -- but Someone within me does. Something in the exchange was exactly what she needed at that moment.
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Anonymous said…
I "believe" in the "God" that found me which is Love in It's Purest form. I "believe" because I Know It exists having encountered It myself and The Course's explanation is the only one that matches up with that no question. If you read about people that have had n.d.e.'s they talk about a Light which fills them with Love and a Peace that they've never felt while alive on Earth. A Love and a Peace that was beyond their earthly understanding. If you ask me I believe that Light is "God" and you can't really put a form or gender on that. It just exists. The near death experiencers also say that they don't want to be dragged away from this Light to be put back into their life in a body on Earth. Having encountered a taste of that Love myself I can hardly blame them. It's not a wonder why people the Spiritual Masters say "Die before you die" or "Die while you're still alive" Acceptance and surrender lead to beautiful things.

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