Joel Goldsmith's Infinite Way

On my path to God, the only other writing that has helped me is Joel Goldsmith’s Infinite Way and related writings. In fact, whenever my mind would get all cob-webby studying the Course, I would take a break and read some of his works. It would clear my mind enough for me to get back to the Course.

Goldsmith emphasized metaphysics, and not everything he wrote is strictly in line with the Course’s theology. But he emphasized what is important – going within and connecting with God. A lot of what he wrote was spontaneous prayer. I recommend it to any Course student.
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Jeremy said…
I heartily agree! I have often found Goldsmith to be extremely helpful. And, yes, I need to be reminded to overlook the few theological differences rather than becoming absorbed in figuring out which one is right.
carrie genevachild said…
Yesterday I listened to a recording of a lecture on Hamlet and the Course given by Kenneth Wapnick. This had the same effect on my mind that reading Joel Goldsmith has for Liz.

This was a tough, no holds barred, talk, telling us how it is. It was bracing. Invigorating. Like listening to my personal trainer telling me to get back into the ring.
Unknown said…
I've also been drawn to the work of Joel Goldsmith and find it very helpful in understanding the course. Thank you, Liz, for your sharing on this.

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